Kenyan MP urges women to ban sex for men without voting cards

The representative said that men would then take the effort to vote if they were deprived of sex by their wives

Elections are always a tough time for ministers to get their votes and giving people incentives is the only way to make them vote. In Kenya however it works differently at least for one Mishi Mboko; the MP and Mombasa woman representative has found a unique way for men to encourage men to make their voting cards.

According to a news report, Mishi has urged all women to not let men have sex with them if they do not make their voting cards. The measure has come to encourage men to make their voting cards before the elections which take place on August 8. The representative said that sex was a powerful weapon to make reluctant men get their voting ID’s. Interestingly, the rule doesn’t apply to the Mishi’s husband as he has already got his voting card made for the election.

The urgency to get voting cards done came after Mishi believed that the National Super Alliance stood the best chance to beat Jubilee Alliance, the party currently governing Kenya.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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