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11 signs that you are falling in love, according to science

Published Sep 16, 2017, 12:34 pm IST
Updated Sep 16, 2017, 12:53 pm IST
Science says that the body has some pretty sneaky ways of tipping an individual off when it comes to love.
From staring at the person of interest, to think about them all the time, the body lets of little signs that a person is in love (Photo: Pixabay)
 From staring at the person of interest, to think about them all the time, the body lets of little signs that a person is in love (Photo: Pixabay)

Being in love is one of the best feelings ever. While some just find their partner, and know that they are destined to spend their lives together, there are yet others who are never sure if it is love or just mere infatuation.

However, fear not, the body has some pretty sneaky ways of tipping an individual off when it comes to love by telling them whether the feelings they have for an individual are more than just a passing phase.


Here are the tell-tale signs that in all probability, you are in love.

Can’t stop staring at him/her: If your partner catches you quite often staring at them with no reason at all, in all probability, you are head over heels in love. Eye contact indicates that you are fixated on something, so if your eyes meet and get fixed on yor partner’s, you may just be falling in love.

Studies also find that couples who lock eyes report feeling a stronger romantic connection than those who don't.

Feel like you're high: you feel completely out of your mind.  Astudy conducted at the Kinsey Institute found that the brain of a person falling in love looks the same as the brain of a person who has taken cocaine. Dopamine, which is released in both instances, is responsible for that feeling.


Always think about them: Whatever you do, your thoughts just go back to them. This is because the brain releases phenylethylamine, or the “love drug”. The hormone creates the feeling of infatuation with your partner.

Interestingly, phenylethylamine is also found in chocolate, which may explain why many people are addicted to it.

Their happiness becomes more important: A concept immortalised by numerous sad, romantic songs, but if you find that someone's happiness becomes really important to you then you're falling for them. According to research, that is a sign of a healthy relationship, indicating your willingness to go out of your way to make your partner’s life happier.


So-called “compassionate love” can be one of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship, according to research. This means that you're willing to go out of your way to make your partner's life easier and happier.

Stressed a lot: You feel stressed a lot. Being in love often causes your brain to release the stress hormone cortisol, which can lead you to feel the heat.

You don't feel pain as strongly: Suddenly, even falling down on the streets do not hurt that more. It is a sign you are in love. A study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine had participants stare at a photo of someone they loved and found that act could reduce moderate pain by up to 40%, and reduced severe pain by up to 15%.


Open to trying new things: If you are consistently trying new things that your partner enjoys, you may have been bitten by the love bug. A study suggests that people who claim to be in love often had varied interest and personality traits after those relationships.

Your heart rate synchronizes with theirs: A study shows that people who are in love usually have a heart beat that is synchronised. A study conducted by the University of California, Davis, suggests that couples' hearts begin to beat at the same rate when they fall in love.


Gross stuff do not gross you out: A study by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands found that feelings of sexual arousal can override feelings of being grossed out.

Sweat is a constant companion: Study found that falling in love can cause you to feel sick and display physical symptoms similar to that of anxiety or stress, like sweat.

Although it passes with comfort level increasing, it may be a good idea to carry around an extra hanky, just to be safe.

Quirks seem adorable: According to a study small quirks can actually make a person fall deeper in love with someone rather than just physical attributes because people have unique preferences.