Science explains why having sex in a hotel is better than at home

The study says that being in a relaxed state of mind and new experiences increases passion and confidence in bed.

Sex is a part of the overall lifestyle for many and has a lot of impact on the person’s physical as well as mental well being, and even the career graph and job satisfaction of an individual. Although it might seem simple, getting maximum pleasure from sex isn’t all that simple, as people have become more aware of their sexuality and priorities.

Where you have sex is as important as the right sex position and the build up in a relationship or just a casual hook up. This sheds light on why exactly hotel sex on a vacation or a night out is much better than having sex at your house.

Research suggests that not having to do day to day activities like cooking or cleaning up lets people let go and have sex with a much more relaxed state of mind in a hotel. In addition to this a vacation makes it easier for people to try exciting new things, and this keeps sexual desire and satisfaction in a relationship high.

Not only is it about trying new things in bed, but trying new activities on a vacation along with new food and exploring new locations with your partner increases passion in bed. The experience also broadens your perspective about your partner and brings people closer.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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