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Having sex at least 21 times a month cuts prostate cancer risk in men

Published Mar 15, 2017, 1:53 pm IST
Updated Sep 12, 2018, 10:26 am IST
The study suggests that men don't have to ejaculate with a patner for this, and can benefit from ejaculating on their own.
Ejaculating 21 times a month lowered chances by 19 percent (Photo: AP)
 Ejaculating 21 times a month lowered chances by 19 percent (Photo: AP)

Prostate cancer is a disorder that affects a lot of men across the world as they age, and the while it may be uncommon among younger men, the risk factor can never really be ruled out. But the chances of prostate cancer can be lowered by men themselves.

Among other known benefits of being sexually active, a study claims that frequency of ejaculation can actually have an impact on risk of prostate cancer. The findings suggested that men between ages of 20 to 29 who ejaculated 21 times a month had a 19 percent less chance of prostate cancer.

While the reason for this isn’t known clearly, but experts suggest it’s the frequent cleaning of prostate through ejaculation that cut down chances of infections that may cause a tumour.

Men aged 40 to 49 can also benefit from this, and ejaculation doesn’t have to be with a partner, and masturbating can benefit men equally.