Half of all married couples in Japan haven't had sex in over a month

The findings also showed that almost half of single men and women between ages 18 to 34 had never had sex.

Tokyo: The amount of sex people have is associated with how good their sex life is all over the world, and relationships where a couple has sex at least once a week are considered healthy relationships.

While studies have pointed out the millennials are having less sex as compared to previous generations, married couples in Japans seem to be bidding farewell to their sex lives. Results of a survey revealed that 50 percent married couples in Japan haven’t had sex in more than a month.

The highest number of such relationships was seen in couples in their 40s and on inquiring further, researchers found that 22 percent women found sex troublesome as 35 percent said it was too tiring. A government study also brought out that 42 percent of single men and 44 percent of single women between ages of 18 to 34 had never had sex.

The findings point to an increasing tendency of marriages ending up as sexless unions and contradict the perception people have about sex in Japan where a large amount of porn is produced.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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