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Real life 'vampire couple' says sucking each other's blood is better than sex

Published Jun 13, 2017, 6:52 pm IST
Updated Jun 13, 2017, 6:52 pm IST
The couple is set to get married in a vampire themed wedding (Photo: Facebook)
 The couple is set to get married in a vampire themed wedding (Photo: Facebook)

Sex seems to be a crucial part of relationships for young couples across the world and several pairs across the world are known to try different fetishes in bed to spice up their sex life. But sometimes there are bizarre preferences which often leave others shocked but are better than sex for couples.

A duo which identifies as real life vampires, says that they find pleasure in sucking each other’s blood and it’s so good that they prefer it over sex. 20-year-old Lea Dragonborn a fetish model met tarot card reader Tim Doyal at a vampire festival in 2015 where they fell for each other.

The couple started their blood-sucking relationship after feeling a dark connection and say that it’s as good as sex since they can feel the essence of another person and absorb their energy. They keep safety in mind as they use sterilised needles to make incisions and suck blood directly from the source.

The pair takes care of Tim’s three-year-old son and is now planning to get married with a vampire themed wedding. Their relationship includes satanic rituals in addition to sucking blood.

The international vampire community is characterised by haematolagnia which is a sexual fetish for blood.



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