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Readers share most embarrasing sex stories

Published May 13, 2016, 12:27 pm IST
Updated May 13, 2016, 2:21 pm IST
“This is funny, when I was in hostel, my roommate used to masturbate believing I was asleep.”
Here are some of cringe-worthy but totally true stories. (Photo: Representative image)
 Here are some of cringe-worthy but totally true stories. (Photo: Representative image)

Mumbai: Sex can be a lot of things — passionate, lusty, hot, kinky and not to forget, at times embarrassing. When it comes to some awkward and hilarious stories, nothing can beat the mishaps that happened between the sheets. Everyone has had at least one sex slip-up that they will remember forever.

Our readers revealed some cringe-worthy but totally true stories and some of them are unbelievable.


  • Stains on sheet:

“I have had sex in my flatmates' room many times and he still wonders how there are stains on his sheets and I pretend to be surprised as well,” laughs Dhruv.

  • Sister caught me using vibrator:

“My sister caught me using vibrator twice and later at dinner told me which one she uses,” giggles Pariddhi.

  • Naked friend:

“My friend and his girlfriend came over to my place over night. Late at night, I came out of my room for a glass of water and I saw my friend standing butt naked. We saw each other and moved back to our respective rooms. I still tease him about it,” recalls Ansh Thaker (name changed).


  • Really awkward: 

“Me and my guy were having sex in his apartment, his younger sister walked in and started asking, ‘Bhai what are you doing, don’t sit on her,” shares Namita (name changed).

  • People know:

“This is funny, when I was in hostel, my roommate used to masturbate believing I was asleep,” exclaims Kevin.

  • Roommate sucks:

“Walked into my room and found my flatmate having sex on my bed,” fumes Pratik.

  • It happened in movie theatre:

“Me and my boyfriend went for a movie and booked the corner seats in the top row. We were making out, when an attendent walked over with the popcorn we had ordered and was left horrified. He was stunned and stood a few steps away from us. It took him 10 seconds to decide his next move. The poor guy said sorry and walked away. I laughed out loud, while my boyfriend was embarrassed and we left the movie midway,” says Akira (name changed)


  • Makeout session:

“I used to stay with a live-in couple, when I moved to Mumbai. I had occupied the living room and eventually we became close buddies. One fine day, I returned home from college and barged into their room to share some news and found them making out. We three stared at each other and died laughing,” shares Rohit.

  • Sexually active neighbours:

“My neighbours enjoy an active sex life, all thanks to Mood condoms. I know this because after their rocking night, the couple would just fling their used condoms out of their window, and it would wind up decorating the neighbouring building's walls and shades. As a kid, I didn't know what a condom looked like and remembered asking my brother 'why balloons were stuck on the walls'. That's when he told me that those weren't balloons but condoms,” shares Karen.


  • She fell on her face:

“We were playing badminton at a friend’s terrace and the shuttle went to neighbour’s rooftop. We jumped over to pick it, when we spotted a couple making out. The couple got so embarrassed that the girl took a sprint and ended up falling on her face,” recalls Apoorva.