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Millennial live in rules decoded

Published Apr 12, 2019, 12:17 am IST
Updated Apr 12, 2019, 12:17 am IST
Now that more and more new age couples are comfortably co-habiting together, here are some tips to follow.
A picture from Luka Chuppi, used for representational purposes only.
 A picture from Luka Chuppi, used for representational purposes only.

With the High court ruling in favour of live-in relationships last year, the rate of young adults engaging in live-in relationships has increased substantially. Tying the knot isn’t really in their minds in the near future. However, here are a few tips from experts to secure long term live-in relationships.  

You probably know everything about each other by now, you’ve definitely adapted to each other’s quirks. You’ve also come to terms with finding your man-child’s clothes lying all over the place, wet towel on the bed and yes of course, her make-up and beauty products acquired all the space in the washroom. You’re basically adapted to the fact that your relationship is well established without a marriage.


Experts believe that the key to a successful long term relationship is the clarity of what a marriage means to both individuals in the relationship.

Meera Ravi, proprietor and chief counsellor of Prerana Academy said, “Communication is the foundation of a relationship, it is essential for couples to speak to each other about every topic that is within and out of their comfort zone. If either of them feel uncomfortable or fear to share a certain incident with his/her better half then this problem needs to be given the utmost attention.”

Respecting each other’s choices and staying true and genuine to the relationship is the most essential rule to follow.

Ms Ravi explains, “Having a mutual respect, irrespective of differences in opinions and choices makes a healthy relationship. Since this affair is entirely based on trust the couple must be open to each other and spend quality time by investing their emotional energy. I’ve had couples who have been acquainted for several years before marriage break-up in a very short term because they spent most of their time going out rather than actually talking about the perks, issue, likes and dislikes that come in a marriage”

To compromise a little is one of the key to secure your relationship only based on trust and love and, not a mere document confirming your courtship.

Vishaka Raj, business executive at a reputed multinational company said, “My boyfriend and I have known each other for  10 years and we’ve been living together for over 6 years now. The first few years of dating was fun but extremely superficial, it was after we moved in together that I could actually see the slob he was. The first most important thing in a live-in is to compromise and adapt. I mean what is more important than the love you share with each other? This again should be mutual”

Being quite the romantic helps maintain a happy and cordial relationship Vidhyasagar, software engineer said, “I have been living with my girl for five years now and the way to her heart I know for sure is the yummy dishes I cook for her. Who says a girl has to do all the work? I love cooking for my better half and I watch recipes to woo her especially when she is mad at me. One tip that I can give is, just go that extra mile willingly to put a smile on your companion’s face.”

Sociologists believe that live-in relationships are being accepted in our mondernised country and that not many people consider it a taboo. Dr Sangeetha Amarnath, sociologist opines, “Young adults grow up with the intention of a dreamy marriage like one that occurs in fairytales and after marriage mostly reality strikes them hard resulting in a bad wedlock. Since everyone comes from different backgrounds, religious beliefs, cultural differences and financial choices, the option of living together suits best to understand each other in all these ways.  As there is no school or a fixed syllabus for life we do not know what is the right thing to do and a trial and error process is required in all walks of life. I strongly believe that a live-in relationship helps in building compatibility and ultimately result in lesser divorce rate in the country”