Doing this can help increase the frequency in your sex life

Men and women tend to have lesser sex as they grow old and this could be a game-changer for them

Many couples look to revive the spark in their sex life through various ways but as they get older, it is known that the frequency reduces quite a bit. A new study says that there are many reasons to why the couples have less sex when they are older and they are quite surprising.

According to a report in Stuff, couples in their fifties have a lot on their plates which leads to a reduced sex drive. It is mostly being busy with growing children and working that makes them think less about sex but a new report also says that watching less porn is the reason. While porn has been known to reduce having sex in real life, it actually helps people think about sex with more partners or even casual sex in partners, says the new study.

Longer working hours and age are definitely among other reasons for people but watching porn can help people have more sex than they have had before. It also says that millennials are having as much as six times lesser than those born before in the 1900s.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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