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Drinking Games for Couples

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Published on: October 6, 2022 | Updated on: October 31, 2022

Are you ready for a romantic night with your partner? Get to know them with these interesting drinking games for couples. Here are a few you should try.

Spice up your boring relationships with these cute and fun couple drinking games, and we are sure you will have the best time of your life.

Spice up your boring relationships with these cute and fun couple drinking games, and we are sure you will have the best time of your life.

Drinking games for couples are always fun. You get to see a different side of people when they are drunk. Of course, drinking games do not necessarily have to involve alcohol. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can replace it with coffee shots or soda. There are countless options, but the fun depends on the game you choose. Spice up your boring relationships with these cute and fun couple drinking games, and we are sure you will have the best time of your life. Let’s check out our list of 21 fun drinking games for couples.

21 Fun Drinking Games for Couples

1. The Quiz Game

The simplest way to know your partner is through a quiz game. Ask as many questions as you want. These can be naughty or romantic questions that help you know how much your partner remembers about you. Ask questions like:
Where did we first meet?
Where did we go for our first dinner date?
When did we move in together?
When was our last vacation?
How did you find me?
You can add more interesting questions. You need to take a sip for every wrong answer. The same goes for your partner.

2. Drunken Artist

Your partner’s back is the canvas, and your fingers will be the drawing tools. You have to draw/write something on their back using your finger, and they have to guess what it is. If their guess is incorrect, they take a sip. To make it fun, you can add a timeframe. For instance, your partner needs to take a shot every 20 seconds until they guess the drawing. The sooner they
guess, the less they drink.

3. Guess the Card

Card games are fun when you play them with your partner. This one is pretty simple. As the name suggests, you just need to guess the color of the card or whether the number is higher or lower than the previous card. If your guess about the color is incorrect, you need to take a shot.

If your guess about the higher/lower number is wrong, you need to remove a piece of clothing. If you are looking for sexy couple drinking games, this one is your best bet.

4. Spin the Bottle

The rules are the same as the typical spin-the-bottle, but with a small twist. Instead of pointing the bottle at someone, you need to place a handful of objects, such as strawberries, whipped creams, handcuffs, etc. Spin the bottle and take the object at which the bottle stops. You need to use this to seduce your partner or simply entertain them in a fun way. If they fail to do that, they need to take a shot. You can take alternate turns. Rest assured that this game will be super
fun when you use interesting items.

5. Russian Roulette

Take a bunch of shot glasses and fill them up with three drinks of the same color. For instance, you can use water, soda, and vinegar. Fill each glass with all three liquids and shuffle them. Divide them between you and your partner. Each person has to take turns drinking. Whoever gets the glass of vinegar will complete a dare given by the other person. For instance, if your partner drinks vinegar, they will do as you say. You can ask them to perform a sexy dance or
mimic someone.

6. Two Truths and One Lie

If you have just started a relationship, this can be quite a fun game to play with your partner. It helps you reveal more facts about yourself and learn about your partner. The rules are simple. You need to tell three things, of which two statements are true and one is a lie. Your partner has to guess which one is a lie. If they guess wrong, they take a sip. If they guess right, you take a shot. You can also ask your partner to do the same. They will ask questions, and you have to guess which are true and which are incorrect. You can prepare the list of questions ahead so that you don’t waste time thinking while playing the game.

7. Simon Says

Let’s repeat this fun game that most of us played in our childhood. It’s usually a group game, but two people can play it too. One of you becomes Simon and gives instructions to the other player. You have to start with "Simon says" and the statement. For instance, "Simon says, take off your shoes." If your partner is unable to do what you ask, they must take a shot. You can play this in turns.

8. Never Have I Ever

You may have played this game with your friends. But, do you know things get more interesting when your beau is involved? Just the two of you revealing things you have and haven’t done. "Never Have I Ever" never gets boring. It’s another fun game you can play when you have just started a relationship with someone. Frame a sentence like "never have I ever lied to you." If your partner takes a shot, that means their answer is yes. You can ask several questions that reveal more about your partner.

9. Find the Spot

If you want to play a romantic couple-drinking game, try Find the Spot. It’s simple. You need to ask a question, like "which is my sensitive point," and give them three options. The right guess means both of you take a shot. A wrong guess means your partner will drink. It’s a fun way to know intimate details about the person without asking them directly.

10. The Question-Answer

If you have faced your fair share of ups and downs in your relationship, you may have come a long way. This game will make your bond stronger by revealing the facts you’ve always wanted to know about your partner. You can ask questions like:
When do you want us to move in together?
Where do you picture us in the next five years?
When, according to you, is the best time to get married?
How many kids do you want?
What have you planned for our honeymoon?
When do you plan to introduce me to your family?
These are only to name a few. You can add more questions and make this one all about things you want to know. If your partner doesn’t answer a question, they have to take a shot. Once you're done, your partner will ask you a set of questions.

11. Charade

You may have played it with your friends, but with drinks and your partner involved, it gets even more interesting. Prepare chits with any random name (fruits, celebrities, or any word) and put them in a bowl. You have to take alternate turns. First, you pick a chit, read the word, and act so that your partner can get it right. If they can’t guess, they take a shot.

12. Jenga

Another game that you played as kids, Jenga, makes an amazing drinking game to be played with your partner. You have to arrange Jenga blocks vertically by stacking them up. Each player has to remove a block from the tower and place it on top to complete the building. You need to remove the block carefully, as taking the wrong block out can break the entire building. If the tower falls after you remove a block, you will lose and set up the tower again. Take a shot every
time you break the tower.

13. Snake and Ladder

No, this isn’t the typical children’s snake & ladder if that’s what you were thinking. Things get much more exciting and naughty when you add coffee shots and your clothes to the game. The rules remain the same, except you are supposed to take a shot every time you climb a ladder. The interesting part is when you fall. You need to remove a piece of clothing. This is one of the best drinking couple games at home that you can play as many times as you want without getting bored.

14. Flip, Sip, and Strip

If you want to play dice-drinking games for couples, this is the best one. You just need a dice or a coin. You flip the coin or roll the dice and your partner has to guess what will show up. If they guess right, you take a shot. If their first guess is wrong, they take the shot. If they guess wrong twice in a row, they will have to remove a piece of clothing too. Make your game night fun and sexy with this naughty couple game.

15. Name a Celebrity

This one is pretty easy. You need to select a category, such as Hollywood musicians and name the famous musician. Your partner has to name another musician whose name starts with the same initials. For example, if you said Justin Bieber, your partner can say Justin Timberlake. Whoever fails to name the celebrity will lose and take a sip. After a round, the next player can think of a new category and start a new round. The game goes on as long as you want. You can
also play it online.

16. Rhyme My Line

If you guys are good at rhyming, then this game is for you. The game is simple. You just need to say a line and your partner has to come up with a new line that rhymes with it. The game continues until one of you gets stuck and can’t find something to rhyme. Whoever gets stuck has to take a shot. This is one of the facetime drinking games for couples who are in a long-distance relationship and can’t find something interesting to talk about.

17. Straight Face

This one is hilarious. You can play it with your partner or friends. The rules are simple. Make a couple of chits, each consisting of a funny joke. Your partner will pick a chit and read it out loud with a straight face. If they smile or laugh after reading the joke, they need to drink a shot. You have to do the same then.

18. Most Likely To

Instagram made "who’s most likely to" couples’ favorite. If you have seen this trend, you may already know the rules. You have to ask a set of questions, like:
Who spends more?
Who is more likely to cheat?
Who is more likely to stay without a shower for a week?
Who is more likely to break up?
Once you read the question, both of you have to point the finger at whoever is more likely to do that. You can also point at yourself. If you both point fingers in different directions, both must take a shot.

19. Eye Contact

For those looking for a simple and romantic game idea, you should try eye contact. You just need to look into each other’s eyes without blinking. Whoever blinks loses and takes a shot. You may have played it before, but add sodas and vinegar to make this game more interesting. We are sure nobody would like to take a vinegar shot.

20. Striptease Dice

Virtual games never get boring, especially when they involve partners and drinks. Striptease dice can be played online. All you have to do is roll the dice on screens. If it lands on an odd number, the person has to take a shot. If it lands on an even number, they will do what you ask.

21. Truth, Dare, or Drink

This is another classic game that spices up your relationship. You can only play the truth part, where both of you ask questions and whoever refuses to answer takes a shot. Or, you can play the dare part only. Both assign a dare to each other, and whoever fails to perform will drink.

Bottom Line

These were some sexy couple drinking games for some fun time. The question-based, fun and naughty drinking games are super exciting when played with partners. Bring back the lost spark in your relationship with a game’s night. These games will help you learn more about your partner. You can add new rules to make them better.

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