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16 Fun and Romantic Drinking Games for Couples You Must Try!

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Published on: June 6, 2023 | Updated on: June 6, 2023

Drinking games for couples can spice up your relationship and help you know each other better

If you wish to know some interesting facts about your partner, try playing these couple drinking games to show your caring and romantic side. (Representational Image  Pexels)

If you wish to know some interesting facts about your partner, try playing these couple drinking games to show your caring and romantic side. (Representational Image Pexels)

We all have that one friend who ends up doing weird things after getting high. It can be drunk-calling their ex or hugging some friend and expressing their emotions. However crazy the drunken act may be, it is often out of our control, especially when we are excessively drunk.

So, if you wish to know some interesting facts about your partner, try playing these couple drinking games to show your caring and romantic side. And if your partner is a bit serious about things, these games can break the ice.

16 Fun Drinking Games for Couples

While some are thrilled about the idea of playing such fun drinking games designed for couples, others may not feel comfortable about it. However, there's no harm in letting yourselves loose at times.

As long as you are playing these games in a controlled environment, you can stay relaxed and enjoy each other's fun, less-known sides. If your better half is a bit too serious, playing these couples' drinking games can set their inhibitions free, at least for a temporary period.

It’s not that romantic vibes and sharing some sweet memories are boring. But adding some thrill and jazzing up your relationship is not a bad idea. So, here are some fun, naughty, and exciting drinking games you can play with your partner.

1.    The Quiz Game

You can start with the Quiz Game, a classic drinking game for couples that will help you know each other better. The basic requirements include a series of spicy questions and a couple of shots of your favorite liquor. The most commonly asked questions for this thrilling Quiz Game are:

    Where and when did we first meet?
    What was I wearing on our first date?
    When and where are we going on a vacation?
    What was the date when we first kissed?
    What’s my favorite color?
    What’s my favorite dish, movie, song, etc.?

For every wrong answer given, a partner has to take a shot.

2.    Two Truths And One Lie

This is an exciting couple drinking game, and we have played it several times since childhood with friends and even family. As most of us know, the Two Truths And One Lie is a thrilling game that reveals interesting facts about yourself and your better half. The only difference is this one involves alcohol, making things spicier and sometimes even spine-chilling. The Two Truths And One Lie work best in new relationships when both partners are trying to know each other.

The rules of the game:

    Firstly, tell three things about yourself, of which two will be true, and one will be a lie.
    Next, ask the partner to guess which one is a lie and which two are real.
    For every wrong answer, your partner has to have a drink. And to make it more exhilarating, you can take a shot yourself for every correct answer given.

3.    Spin the Bottle

Being one of the best drinking games for couples, Spin the Bottle is not like a regular spin bottle game. There’s a little twist to this one. Although the rules remain the same, instead of making the bottle turn towards an individual, you can make it point toward some object, which may be some food item (like whipped cream, cookies, chocolate, chili peppers, etc.) or some outfit. Assign some activities to each of these items.

When the bottle is pointed to one of these items that you have placed at different places, you need to perform some dramatic or romantic activity to entertain your partner. Play this game in alternate turns to keep each other entertained. And whoever fails to perform the action should take a drink shot.

4.    Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is one of those fun drinking games for couples that can add some enthusiasm and excitement to your date night. Keep a set of shot glasses ready and fill two of them with vodka or gin. Fill the rest of the glasses with water. Shuffle the glasses as much as possible and divide them equally among both of you.

Now, drink the shots in turns, and whoever gets alcohol first will have to perform a fun or naughty activity, such as singing a romantic song for the partner, dancing to a song, or even stripping. You can keep the fun going by having two or more turns by filling more shot glasses with drinks.

5.    Truth or Dare

We have been playing Truth or Dare since childhood, and being our all-time favorite, it would add fun to your date. You can play this on any occasion - be it on a naughty date night, a simple romantic dinner eve, or at a friend’s house party.

Although the rules of this couples’ drinking game remain the same, there are some twists to it. Every time the person chooses a truth or a dare and fails to answer the question honestly or perform an act, they need to take a shot.

6.    The Question-Answer Game

This is one of those exciting question-drinking games for couples that can fill the date night with excitement, especially when couples have come a long way in their relationships. You can start by asking each other a few questions about anything, including personal life. Considering the comfortable levels of the partner, you can dig as deep as you like. For instance, some of the popular couples drinking game questions include:

    When shall we get engaged/married?
    When shall we introduce each other to our families?
    How many kids shall we have?

The questions will also depend on which level of relationship you currently are in. Whenever a partner chooses not to answer, they may take a shot.

7.    Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is growing popular these days, both among friends and couples. Being one of the best couples drinking games, it can help you get closer to each other and can reveal a lot about you and your partner. Frame a couple of sentences, starting with the phrase, "Never have I ever" and make it fun. If the answer is ‘Yes’, then the partner has to answer by taking a shot, and if it’s a ‘No’, then no one needs to drink.

You can ask some of the following fun and naughty questions:

    Never have I ever kissed a boy/girl (either same sex or opposite sex)
    Never have I ever sent a dirty text to a wrong person
    Never have I ever ghosted someone
    Never have I ever drunk-texted/drunk-called my ex
    Never have I ever kissed an unknown person
    Never have I ever stalked my ex/my ex’s new partner on social media

And the list can go on as long as you wish to continue the fun.

8.    Naughty Jenga

Jenga is not just restricted to kids. Why can’t adults have some fun? A jenga drinking game for couples can get quite interesting when clubbed with shot glasses. To make things a bit spicy and naughty, you two can draw the blocks alternatively, and for every draw, the partner needs to perform something kinky or hot. Some naughty tasks include lap dancing, strip dancing, foot fetish, or even making out.

9.    Higher Or Lower/Red And Black

This card game is quite popular among friends at parties. However, it can also be one of the most fun and kinky card drinking games for couples. Keep a set of cards and drink shots ready.

Start by guessing whether the card is black or red. If you are right, you need to guess whether the card is higher or lower than the previous one. If a partner guesses the wrong color, they get a drink. To enhance the romantic experience, a partner has to remove one piece of clothing whenever they wrongly guess the higher or lower card.

10.    Charade

We have played this game hundreds of times since our childhood, either for guessing movie names or some trendy words. It is fun to play at any time, even when not accompanied by a drink. But to make things more exciting and spicy, you can have some shots while playing charades with your better half.

To begin this drinking game for couples, you can keep some folded chits in a bowl or box, each having some words, phrases, or sentences written. Both of you take alternate turns to pick the chits and then act it out to your partner without saying a word. For every wrong guess a partner makes, they get a drink.

11.    Flip, Sip, or Strip

Yes, this one is as naughty and thrilling as it sounds! The Flip, Sip, and Strip game can turn quite kinky whenever your partner makes a guess. Toss a coin and ask your partner to guess which side is displayed. The first time a partner makes a wrong guess, they should take a shot. And the second time the partner wrong-guesses, they have to remove their clothes.

12.    Find the Spot

This couples’ drinking game can get you to fulfill all your kissing fantasies. Find the Spot is a simple yet romantic game in which both partners must keep guessing right to the question, "Which body part do I like to get kissed the most?"

The partner who needs to answer gets three options to choose from. For every correct answer you give, both partners get a shot. And for every wrong answer, you will get a shot before continuing the game. To tweak this game, you can also offer to kiss your partner whenever he or she makes a correct guess.

13.    Striptease Dice

How about some dice game now? We can assure you it’s going to be really hot and sexy! So, both partners take turns rolling a die. If you get an even number, take a shot. For every odd number coming up, you remove one piece of clothing. To spice up this exciting drinking game for couples, you can assign specific numbers to some romantic or kinky activities, such as kissing, hugging, massaging, removing certain clothes, or performing some fetish.

14.    Go Fish

‘Go Fish’ is another exciting one among the top card drinking games for couples. This classic game comes with a naughty twist. You both have a deck of cards. Whenever your partner asks you for a particular card, and you do not have it, they get a shot, and vice versa. And if you have the card and give it to your partner, they have to drink.

After either of you completes a set of four, the other partner has to remove one piece of their clothing and finish the drink. The ‘Go Fish’ game is surely making both of you drunk and, in the end, getting intimate with each other.

15.    Snakes and Ladders

While this board game reminds us of your childhood fun days, why not tweak it a bit and make it a naughtier couple version? While the rules of the game remain the same, you assign some activity for every win and loss. For example, when one of the partners climbs up the ladder, the other partner gets a shot. And each time a partner slides down a snake, they have to remove a piece of garment. Now, it sounds fun and hot, isn’t it?

16.    Pizza Box

Finally, comes one of the most enthusiastic and thrilling couple drinking games. Take an empty pizza box and toss a coin on it. You can also take a large paper sheet. Draw a circle of any diameter and write a rule or fun activity within it.

Your partner takes the next turn. If their coin lands on the circle, they will need to do whatever is written within it. And if the coin lands outside the circle, the partner can draw another circle and write a new rule on it. You can make up naughty and kinky rules to make things sexier. The game continues until there is no space left in the paper sheet or pizza box.


While alcohol can make us say or do embarrassing things, it can be fun for couples. There’s a reason drinking games are becoming extremely popular these days, as these exciting activities can spice up a relationship. We hope these naughty and romantic drinking games for couples will help you experience a memorable date night worth cherishing for a lifetime!

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