Take note: Unexpected ways women can get pregnant

Even dry humping' is not 100 per cent safe.

Many sexually active people, particularly those who are educated and urbane, would not hesitate to claim that they know more than enough about the birds and the bees. But this is far from the truth if one goes by statistical records. In fact, awareness about contraception is so shockingly low that according to one estimate, around half of all the pregnancies in Australia each year are unplanned.

There are surprisingly numerous activities that couples unknowingly indulge in that can lead to an unexpected pregnancy. Sydney-based Dr Natasha Andreadis, a certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist, reveals the top strange ways that a woman can fall pregnant and also busts some common sex myths.

Contraception isn’t 100 per cent safe

This might sound scary but it is unfortunately the truth. Missing pills, broken condoms, and dislodged IUDs can all create potential scenarios for a pregnancy.

“Often people aren’t using contraception properly,” Dr Andreadis warns. “Don't be too relaxed about it, nothing is 100 per cent.”

Pregnant even without penetration

Not all forms of sexual activities require penile penetration and sometimes, that is enough to result in conception. For example, anal sex, especially unprotected anal sex, makes it possible for semen to easily get around the vaginal opening and vulva, which can lead to a pregnancy. Similarly, even digital finger penetration can cause a woman to fall pregnant if the fingers had some semen on them. Moreover, ‘dry humping’ is also not 100 per cent safe if the partner ejaculates and his semen could soak through underwear and can result in pregnancy.

Infertile…or not?

Supposed infertility does not necessarily mean that one can get one rid of the risks of a possible pregnancy. '”f you have a blocked tubes you can still fall pregnant,” Dr Andreadis told the Daily Mail. “I’ve seen people who have been told they’ve got early menopause then fall pregnant.”

Even procedures like tubal litigation and vasectomy are not fault-free and pose a risk for couples not opting for other forms of protection.

Incorrect beliefs

There are many old wives’ tales about preventing pregnancy floating around that you shouldn’t mistake for facts. The most common among them are that women can’t get pregnant whilst breastfeeding and also that sexual intercourse during the menstrual cycle is safe.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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