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Women become more adventurous in sex with age: study

Published Oct 2, 2016, 2:27 pm IST
Updated Oct 2, 2016, 4:14 pm IST
They adapt to negative changes by modifying expectations (Photo: AFP)
 They adapt to negative changes by modifying expectations (Photo: AFP)

Washington: It’s true that as women grow older they go on to have less sex than before, but while the frequency may be low, the experience over the years is something that proves to work very well in favour of women in midlife.

A new study mentions that the confidence that comes with experience gained over the years make women more adventurous in bed and adds to the sexual satisfaction which only increases as years pass by.

The study conducted by talking to 39 women aged between 46 and 59, found that women learn to adapt to negative changes by changing their expectations from sex and giving importance to emotional and intimate aspects of sex.

The study observed that while many women suffered loss of libido during an age close to menopause, they blamed work related stress and family life for it. Meanwhile a small number of women did say that their libido was higher than their partners.

It also suggested that women became more open to experimenting in bed to compensate for the changes in their body with age.



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