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Four legged best friends

Published Aug 25, 2017, 3:00 am IST
Updated Aug 25, 2017, 3:00 am IST
Ahead of International Dog Day, pet parents talk about how their beloved companions mean the world to them.
All-in-one: Chandra Shekar with Yodha
 All-in-one: Chandra Shekar with Yodha

There’s something about dogs that screams ‘love’! In the spirit of International Dog Day which is on Saturday, we celebrate the various breeds and indigenous dogs which have made city pet lovers go gaga over them.

Yodha, 1.5 years, Belgian Malinois Pet parent: Chandra Shekar
I chose a Belgian Malinois as my pet as it is a very talented breed. They can be guard dogs, sports dogs and can be used for detection. In fact, the dog that sniffed out Osama Bin Laden’s hideout was a Belgian malinois! I spend more time with Yodha than with my wife! He loves to be occupied. When at work, he does get possessive about me when I am training other dogs. Sometimes, he escapes and joins me when I am rewarding the other dogs as he wants to get rewarded too!


indie-love: Rocky as a pup with Yugo and Chise, Soichiro’s childrenIndie-love: Rocky as a pup with Yugo and Chise, Soichiro’s children

Rocky, 10 months, Indian breed      Pet parent: Soichiro Nakata 
We moved to Hyderabad from Japan last July for my work. My kids, Chise and Yugo really wanted a dog, so we went to Blue Cross to adopt one. We didn’t consciously pick an Indian breed, but my kids thought he was the cutest, and chose Rocky. It is quite unique because we don’t have dogs that look like this in Japan. He’s naughty, energetic and learns very quickly.

Recently, we had to go to Japan for a few weeks, so we left Rocky at a trusted homestay. When we came back, he heard my son’s voice from afar and ran to the gate to greet us! In just six months, he has already grown so fond of us.

partner-in-crime: Priya Prithviraj with Siddu partner-in-crime: Priya Prithviraj with Siddu

Siddu, 1.5 years old, Indian breed         Pet parent: Priya Prithviraj 
I’m a student at EFLU. My friend and I noticed this puppy without a family on the street several days and decided to care for it. Street dogs have very high resistance, so Siddu has never fallen sick until now, even though he plays in the rain and eats regular food. He prefers human food and is low-maintenance. Once, I was having a heated argument with a friend and Siddu ran up to me and licked me, as if to calm me down. After that, we forgot what we were fighting about! It was a special moment.

gentle giant: Max with the Mehrotra family Gentle giant: Max with the Mehrotra family

Max, 1.5 years old, Bullmastiff,      Pet parent: Shweta Mehrotra
Max is the only Kennel Club of India registered Bullmastiff in Hyderabad. Dogs of this breed are comfortable in their own space, and give you yours. Max is 56 kgs but very calm. He doesn’t like too much cuddling, and is happiest with his toys. He plays by himself.

Whenever my husband’s out of town, Max gets extra protective of me and my son! He knows when my son’s school bus arrives, and goes to the balcony to watch him come home, as if to make sure he is okay.