Video: Beetle who loves to draw is winning hearts on the internet

The beetle called Spike has become popular on social media with videos of him holding pens and drawing on paper.

Animals are known for their peculiar mannerisms that develop as a way to adapt to the environment and some rare creatures show extraordinary capabilities astonishing people. Recently the video of chimpanzees using gestures and sign language to guide humans to give them a drink at a zoo went viral.

One such wonder is a beetle who loves to paint, and the creative insect is so popular that his works are sold for hundreds of dollars. The beetle from Japan called Spike is getting a lot of love on social media as a video showing him holding a pen and drawing on paper surfaced on the internet.

His owner Mandy discovered this talent by accident and created a separate social media account for Spike once pictures of him holding pens and images of the art went viral. Spike’s Twitter account has 45000 followers as Mandy shares pictures of the 6-month-old beetle while it’s eating and drawing.

The art is auctioned on eBay and has received several bids. 15% of the proceeds from auctions will go to People’s Trust for Endangered Species which works for conservation of stag beetles.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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