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Megalithic tombs in Tadvai forests of Telangana

Deccan Chronicle| Anudeep Ceremilla

Published on: September 8, 2016 | Updated on: September 9, 2016

Experts say tombs belong to 3000 BC and is useful for studying ancient rites.

A megalithic tomb found in the Tadvai forests near Dameravai village in Warangal.	(Photo: DC)

A megalithic tomb found in the Tadvai forests near Dameravai village in Warangal. (Photo: DC)

TADVAI: Deep inside the thick Tadvai forests, near Dameravai village, megalithic tombs called dolmens can be found on a hillock named Suragun-daiah Gutta. They are believed to be 5,000 years old, and provide an opportunity to learn more about pre-historic man.

Local archaeologist Reddy Ratnakar Reddy brought the dolmens, which consist of two or more thick structures supporting a huge horizontal capstone, to the notice of officials. There is a small gap on one of the sides, like an entrance.

Inside is a sarcophagus. Some have two or three, probably indicating a family. A compound wall like stone arrangement can be seen around it. How these structures were built is yet to be understood.

"These dolmens would help us understand ancient funeral rites. We can say these belong to 3,000 BC. People at that time used to burn the dead, place the bones inside a sarcophagus and close it with a large stone. That way they believed the dead would rest in peace," Mr Ratnakar explained.

The site was explored by officials of the forests, archaeology and tourism departments. The archaeology department had spotted it two decades back but the site wasn’t recognised perhaps due to its location. But now there is good road connectivity to visit the place. The site is going to be developed into a tourist location.

Sarpanch Jaggeri Nagesh said they found the tombs long ago but did not know that they belonged to the megalithic era. The Centre has sanctioned `Rs 6 crore for fencing around the tombs, solar lights, pathway, an education centre and a mini theatre.

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