Chauf'fur'-driven mutters

Pet lovers in Bengaluru have reason to rejoice as a local entrepreneur has started a cab service to ferry pets around.

Bengaluru is home to many a cuddly paw. But while it’s a common sight to spot the furry friends strolling around on the streets, the hassle of conveying them remains to be a major concern for most pet parents in the city. Gauging the need for a feasible outlet for the same, PetCabs, a city-based pet only cab service, is the brainchild of entrepreneur Santosh Shekhar, who believes in doing more with less. We get chatty with the pet lover who tells us more...

“It is a basic need for pets to pay timely visits to vet clinics, salons or kennel boarding centers. However, I remember how the idea struck me when I visited a friend, who runs a pet boarding service.

I noticed that the service provider and the clients who visited him had a problem in picking or dropping their pets. The regular cabs or autos were not allowing pets, so the owners had to really think and make alternative arrangements, which was time consuming.

Interestingly, I observed a few pet owners had dropped off the pet in their own car, but were clearly agitated as the car was dirty, with poop all over and seats ripped off!” shares the 34-year-old entrepreneur, who then launched his idea at a pet show in the city.

Armed with an MBA in marketing and international business, Santosh reveals how there was always an entrepreneurial streak to his persona, even when he first took up a 9-5 right after his post graduation.

“I believe it’s the experiences that make you. Working as an employee really helped, and I think it’s important to sharpen your skills before you plunge into something on your own.”

Unperturbed by naysayers, Santosh reveals how it is his innate ability to face adversity that inspires him. “Yes, a lot of people had their first laugh at us, when I told them about my interest to start a taxi service for pets. They were quite skeptical and said we will not last a quarter, but I’m glad we’re now having the last laugh. I believe in risk taking. I’m all for adventures!” he enthuses.

That said, the entrepreneur who ventured out with institution training for corporates, asserts the need for a sound support system. “My wife has been extremely supportive and is one of the first people I discuss and share my ideas and thoughts with. It’s important to be around people who nuture and believe in you as much as you do,” he says.

On days when he likes to take a break, it’s travelling or indulging the gourmand in him. “I’m quite a meat lover and relish trying out different cuisines. Additionally, I like exploring lesser known destinations with family and friends. Most importantly, I ensure I lug my pets and use the pet services to my advantage!” he smilingly states. Giving us a peek into what’s next, he says,” Well, there’s a lot at the work front.

But most importantly, I want to scrape the notions about off-beat services being catered keeping the privileged in mind. I’ve started this concept keeping in mind the regular Bengalurean and his/her genuine concern for pets.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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