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Telangana: For a garden, traditional varieties of trees can be better

Published Jul 3, 2017, 2:13 am IST
Updated Jul 3, 2017, 2:13 am IST
The city's electric lines can withstand a wind speed.130 kmph
 The city's electric lines can withstand a wind speed.130 kmph

Hyderabad: Feel like greening your personal landscape and doing your bit for the environment and your home kitchen? A noble thought, if executed with care. Do select tress that grow vertically, are modestly tall and do not loom over electric wires. Choose lemon, papaya, drumstick or even curry leaf, if you are intending to plant trees this monsoon.

Unlike mango, banyan and neem, these trees grow vertically, don’t have heavy branches, are not too tall and don’t reach out extensively, thereby obstructing electrical livewires.

The city’s electricity boards say tree-falling is the biggest obstruction for power power supply. The recent thunderstorm in May cost the city’s power supply department Rs 48 lakh to restore damaged lines.

It said 291 trees fell and hundreds of branches were found hanging on wires. Every time the lines are damaged, the department needs around 13-14 hours to restore them. For each branch that has fallen, it takes an hour for workers to restore the line. In case of an uprooted tree, it takes more than five hours. Professor C. Srinivasulu, member of the TS Biodiversity Board, said, “First, one should never think of planting trees under the existing electric lines.”

He said selection of trees should be done keeping in mind two major factors. First, check the availability of space and secondly the size of the tree.

“For home gardens, avoid traditional huge trees. Instead go for mid-size fruit or vegetable bearing trees of 4-5 feet. Or choose a single stem tree. Avoid Y- shaped trees or those with heavy branches. In case there are overhead wires, opt for plants that grow in pots,” he said.

Dendukuri, who has encouraged parks at Methodist Colony, Secunderabad. said, “Most trees don’t grow vertically. In such a case one should choose trees that don't have hardwood and that grow four-five floors. There are several varieties of trees whose direction can be controlled. On the main roads, avenue plantation can be done, however not in colonies and homes.” 

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad


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