Forget Rom-Coms, It's Cricket That Gets Hearts Racing in India

A recent pan-India survey by happn, the leading location-based dating app, uncovers a surprising trend: 60% of Indian singles are passionate about sports, and it's impacting their dating lives!

Here's a sneak peek:

Cricket reigns supreme: It's the undisputed champion across all ages, but women aged 36+ are the most enthusiastic fans, even surpassing men!

Sports crushes are real: Over 60% of singles are more likely to crush on someone who shares their sporting passion, especially Gen Z!

Forget butterflies, think active dates: Women, especially Gen Z, overwhelmingly prefer dates that involve playing sports together.

This survey reveals a unique opportunity to explore the changing landscape of Indian dating. Intrigued? Please find attached the press note comprising the survey results, we hope it’s something that interests you and we look forward to a feature in your esteemed publication.

F1 Fanatics & Cricket Queens:

happn Survey Uncovers India's Unexpected Sports-Loving Singles

Move over rom coms, there's a new secret weapon in the world of dating: shared love for sports! A recent pan-India survey conducted by happn, the leading location-based dating app, reveals that a whopping 60% of Indian singles are interested in sports, and it's significantly impacting their dating lives.

Forget butterflies, it's crickets that get hearts racing in India!

The survey revealed Cricket as the undisputed champion across all age groups. Interestingly, women aged 36+ (79%) showed the most enthusiasm for the sport, even surpassing their male counterparts (66%) in the same age bracket.

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Crushing basis sports

It was found that a significant number of singles (over 60%) have a crush on someone who shares their love for the same sport. This is especially true for Gen Z singles (62%). So, the next time you crush on someone who mentions their favourite team in their profile, there's a good chance you're going to hit it off!

A strong majority of singles (over 70%) prefer their partner to be athletic and into sports. This is especially true for Gen Z (83%). Women are more interested in playing a sport together on a date than men with 83% of Gen Z, 84% of the 26 to 35 age group and 82% of the 36+ group confirming the same. So, gents, get ready to brush up on your sporting skills!

Age is just a number, interest in sports is forever

The survey found that interest in F1 racing revs higher among older women (12%), while younger women ditch the track for the basketball court (11%). Looks like women across generations are redefining what it means to be sporty! Men consistently showed more interest in football than women across all ages, with the biggest difference seen in the 18-25 age group.

The most favoured sports

Gen Z men consistently show more enthusiasm for football (21%), while women of the 36+ group have a surprisingly higher interest in F1 racing (12%). IPL is a clear winner in terms of fan following, with Gen Z women being massive fans (88%). On the other hand, Olympics find a dedicated audience among older adults, particularly women aged 36+ (19%).

So ditch the cheesy pick-up lines and put on your sporty shoes! happn shows that shared love for the game (on and off the court) is the new way to connect. Because sometimes, love strikes when you least expect it, like while crushing with someone who loves Cricket as much as you do!

( Source : Deccan Chronicle )
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