mCURA Mobile Health launches MediLounge in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: mCURA Mobile Health Pvt. Ltd. has launched MediLounge, a premium integrated direct and teleconsultation platform, heralding a boon for local polyclinics and mid-sized hospitals. Employing a hub-and-spoke model, MediLounge facilitates patient access to specialists across cities and even abroad.

In A.S. Rao Nagar, Hyderabad, MediLounge offers premium integrated direct and teleconsultation services in a lounge facility. As a pioneer in Smart OPD transformation, MediLounge aims to provide pre-assessment services, IoT-enabled instant tests, and teleconsultation with specialists.

Ms. Madhubala Radhakrishnan, Founder & CEO of mCURA, describes MediLounge as a next-generation teleconsultation platform offering an integrated pre-assessment module alongside specialist consultations and the generation of complete case files for holistic disease management. She emphasizes that MediLounge addresses healthcare gaps in India by facilitating doctor-to-doctor communication.

Teleconsultation is projected to grow by 23.95% over the next five years. However, the limitations of current self-initiated mobile-based models may hinder growth and real benefits to patients and doctors. Ms. Radhakrishnan, leveraging her success in health-tech, identified these gaps and aims to enhance teleconsultation efficacy through MediLounge.

mCURA has strategically partnered with Medi Pocket, USA, granting access to 15 renowned hospitals in the USA, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, for cross-border consultations with international insurance coverage. With investments from Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd., mCURA plans to establish 3000 MediLounges across India, expanding access to specialists and super specialists.

( Source : Press Release )
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