Kozhikode: Menstrual awareness now for boys, too

NGO initiative to educate students on endings taboos

KOZHIKODE: The Kozhikode Government Medical College union is joining hands with non-governmental organisation (NGO) Red Cycle to impart lessons in topics on gender sensitivity including menstruation to boy students in Kozhikode. The NGO which provides menstrual awareness classes to not only to girls but also to the boys will organise the first class on the topic on October 31 for the students of classes 9, 10 and 11 of Devagiri C.S.I public school here.

A team of six doctors and medical students from the Medical College Hospital will take sessions on topics on menstruation, hygiene and the related social taboos. “Boys must know about the biological process called menstruation the way the girls do,” says Arjun Unnikrishnan, law student and founder of Red Cycle. “We consider an open discussion on the topic is the right step towards ending the taboo.” During the class, the boys and girls would be seated mixed so that they get the first lesson in gender equality, he claimed.

The classes will deal with eco-friendly sanitary pads, too. “Disposal of sanitary pads is a big issue,” Mr Unnikrishnan said. “Either it is being flushed, burned or dumped. All these are ecologically harmful. We are introducing some alternative eco-friendly pads but will not present any brand.” Student editor of Medical College union Shreya Mariyam Philip said awareness on menstruation should be imparted to boys also. “It is high time we encouraged them to discuss the topic freely,” she said. Exhibition of prize winning poems at the micro tale competition would also be held on the occasion.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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