1000 organs donated under Jeevandaan scheme

Maj. Subbaiah (retd) had pledged to donate his organs to the Jeevandaan.

Hyderabad: Five organs of a 43-year-old woman were donated by her family after she was declared brain dead on Saturday, taking the total number of organs donated to the Jeevandaan scheme past the 1,000-mark.

Since the start of the programme in the year 2013, the families of at least 241 donors have donated precious organs to the life-saving programme.

The donor organs came from Manjula — who was on her way to visit a relative undergoing treatment at the Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet.

Her husband Yadiah said: “She was traveling on a two wheeler with her brother to see a relative who had been admitted at the hospital and undergoing treatment. But while taking a U turn, the two-wheeler skidded and she suffered severe head injuries as a result of the fall. She was immediately rushed to Yashoda Hospital Malakpet but was declared brain dead.”

Her brother Narishma suffered fractures and other injuries in the incident. He is now recuperating at the hospital.

Manjula has three children who are studying in college and school level. Her elder son, Nagendra, agreed to the organ donation scheme and gave away two kidney, one liver and two eyes to the scheme of the government.

Elsewhere, the organs of one Major A.C. Rama Subbaiah (retired), 63, a resident of Ramakrishnapuram, were harvested after he was declared brain dead following severe hemorrhage at a private hospital.

Maj. Subbaiah (retd) had pledged to donate his organs to the Jeevandaan. His liver was harvested by doctors and was transplanted into a 64-year-old patient who was suffering from end-stage liver disease.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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