The Period of Pause'

A psychological condition known as “Pandemic skip” causes people to feel as though their bodies are moving faster than their minds

“You are now where you were mentally when the pandemic began.” Casey Corradin, host of the podcast Between Us Girlies, deconstructed the phrase in a 35-second TikTok video. Experts characterise the “pandemic skip” as the feeling that we missed out on growth milestones and opportunities that would have occurred during the years the world was on halt. People have lost so many of the events that contribute to our perception of time passing that it appears that life is stagnating rather than progressing.


The term “pandemic skip” refers to a psychological phenomena that many encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It represents the sense that personal development and milestones have been disturbed or postponed as a result of the exceptional circumstances brought about by the global health crisis,” says Dr Prerna Kohli, eminent clinical psychologist.

‘Our bodies are ahead of our brains’

We’ve all been a little lazier since the epidemic, taking things easy, and then the pandemic, along with the vaccination, has taken its toll on muscular difficulties, bones and hormone imbalances. Our bodies are three years ahead of our minds. Our bodies have prematurely aged as a result of bone and muscular disorders, hormonal imbalances leading to early menopause, premenstrual symptoms. “Pandemic skip” is clearly visible. I want to run up the mountain, but I know I won’t be able to. I used to play badminton before the pandemic, but I fractured my leg and, while it has healed, I am certain that my bones, and muscles have aged, and I can no longer play badminton. Our bodies have aged faster than they should have due to infection, vaccination, or being less active.
Dr Manjula Anagani, HOD Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Care Hospitals

‘As real as it gets’

The “pandemic skip” is the closest thing to reality. The epidemic, although provided us time to spend with our loved ones and catch up on unfinished business, it put our lives in reverse gear. Many milestones were missed. The accomplishments were isolated, the physical intervention stagnated, and the concept of growth slowed. We forgot what time-based strategies and deliverables meant and became used to a digital life that diminished emotions. We became a mechanical performer, doing what needed to be done without regard for how it was done.
Kanika Dewan, philanthropist, director – Shikhar Dhawan Foundation

‘Mind is kind of stuck in the past’

One of the things pandemic has done is warped my perception of time. I don’t know how many years back I did something counting the pandemic years. So my mind is kind of stuck in the past. There were so many plans — both personal and professional before the lockdown hit and suddenly the set timelines meant nothing as we waited indefinitely to start planning again. Some people really used the extra time to exercise and get in better shape. Unfortunately I didn’t. I chose to use the opportunity of less distraction to do multiple assignments and binge on TV shows and food.
Chintan Sarda, Filmmaker whose short film “The Broken Table” is a step closer at qualifying for the “Oscar”

Frozen Moments

Pandemic has served as an unprecedented crisis which has impacted the entire world, irrespective of age, gender, caste and creed. It has irreversibly impacted our lives physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically. Each and every single person has evolved in a different way. While it has disturbed and disrupted development and growth with many people experiencing the effects of pandemic skip wherein despite the biological ticking of the clock mentally they have frozen at a particular moment. However, there are a few who have evolved stronger mentally and psychologically. I have personally chosen this time period to retrospect and introspect my life in the most minute way and have emerged much stronger than ever. I have personally utilised this time to rediscover myself, fall in love with myself, which in the “rat race of life “ is lost.
Dr Sameena Ali, Cosmetic Dental Surgeon, Managing Director, Alis Dentistree and Alis Dental Academy

Cope with the feeling of lost time

The resilience narrative: Explore the narrative of resilience that has emerged from the challenges of the pandemic. Discuss how individuals have demonstrated resilience by adapting to unexpected changes, finding new ways to connect, and discovering strengths they might not have realised in more predictable circumstances.

Digital transformation: Discuss the role of digital platforms and technology in providing mental health support during the pandemic. Explore how virtual therapy, online support groups, and mental health apps have played a crucial role in helping individuals cope with the psychological impact of the “pandemic skip.” Share insights into the benefits and challenges of the digital transformation in mental health services and how it has opened up new avenues for reaching individuals in need.

Cultural perspectives on personal growth: Investigate the cultural variations that influence personal progress perceptions and the impact of the “pandemic skip.” Explore how diverse cultural environments influence people's expectations, coping mechanisms, and resilience techniques.

Psychological impact: The “pandemic skip” has a psychological impact, leading to feelings of stagnation, frustration, and a sense of missed opportunities.

Adapting to change: Recognising and comprehending the concept of “pandemic skip” is crucial for individuals to adapt to changes in their life. This entails recognising the pandemic’s specific obstacles and figuring out how to support personal growth despite the interruptions.

Disruption of life events: The epidemic disrupted many elements of life, including education, work, social activities, and personal plans.

Loss of a sense of time: The lack of traditional time markers, such as regular social engagements, events, and travel, made it difficult for people to sense personal growth and the passage of time.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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