Watching a musical as good as a 30-minute workout: study

It may sound strange, but find out what researchers discovered.

A new study has found that watching a musical is just as beneficial as a 30-minute workout.

Researchers made the discovery after examining an audience attending a Dreamgirls show, The Sun reported.

As the music and drama got more intense, their heart rates increased between 50 and 70%, the team found.

These level are “optimal”, the British Heart Foundation said to stimulate cardio fitness and to help boost stamina, the report revealed.

This type of activity was as exerting as a cardio workout, Dr Joseph Devlin, of University College London is quoted as saying by The Sun.

The most exciting thing people enjoy at the theatre was the feeling of goose-bumps, a new poll found and one in seven noticed their breathing change.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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