Start-up helps kids kick junk food in Bengaluru

Studies suggest that pre-school and pre-teen students in cities too suffer from poor nutrition.

BENGALURU: While we see a lot of focus on nutrition and health by the government and organizations like UNICEF among children in rural areas, their counterparts in urban areas are often taken for granted. But studies suggest that pre-school and pre-teen students in cities too suffer from poor nutrition.

AlmaNourisher Solutions, a Bangalore-based start up, is working to improve child nutrition and their socio-emotional state, in order to bridge this wellness gap.

“It was when my child started kindergarten that I observed kids of that age eating a lot of junk food. They seemed to lack energy and immunity. You can see them become drowsy in class because they have a small appetite and are fussy eaters,” explained founder, Priyamvadha Chandramouli.

The firm aims to change eating patterns among kids by educating teachers and parents through workshops and using innovative methods to make healthy food more appealing to kids.

“We give parents ideas about quick-fix recipes which they can use to put in their children’s lunch boxes. If you want them to eat a fruit in school, start by sending it along with a muffin, as if you are appreciating them. Make snacks like cutlets and tikkis healthy, by adding paneer and potatoes. Increasing protein content is the way to go. This way their peers also get influenced,” she said.

When the firm became a part of IIM- Bangalore’s Start-Up incubation program in 2015, they were mentored by NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.

Their services shifted online and their team now has four people, including a Nutrition expert and a Psychologist who engages in tele-counselling. They also train parents to handle their child’s tantrums and mood swings, as they believe that psychological aspects are linked to nutrition.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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