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Lifestyle Health and Wellbeing 29 Apr 2018 Diagnosing fatigue a ...

Diagnosing fatigue a major challenge: Experts

Published Apr 29, 2018, 1:05 am IST
Updated Apr 29, 2018, 1:05 am IST
Feeling tired is fast emerging as a syndrome witnessed mainly in the 16-40 age group.
 Fatigue is now being seen at the clinical level due to high levels of stress that is one of the factors leading to it.
  Fatigue is now being seen at the clinical level due to high levels of stress that is one of the factors leading to it.

Hyderabad: Fatigue or feeling tired all the time is an increasingly common condition being witnessed in present times but diagnosing the real cause for this fatigue is proving to be a major challenge at the clinical level, explain experts. 

In most cases, say doctors, it is difficult to pinpoint one exact cause for fatigue as often there can be multiple factors leading to this condition. 


Factors like lack of vitamin D, lack of physical activity, low haemoglobin, lack of adequate sleep and other underlying conditions are some of the major reasons for fatigue.

Experts say that it is a very subjective and to unmask it at the clinical level, they have to evaluate the patient thoroughly. 

Dr Dilip Gude, consultant general physician explained, “Fatigue can be caused by a wide variety of disorders ranging from iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, hypoadrenalism, vitamin D deficiency, decreased sodium levels in the body to even mental illnesses such as depression. The degree of fatigue depends on the underlying cause. Severe anaemia and other causes like very low thyroxine in body can prove to be fatal if not treated in time. At the clinical level, fatigue is being seen in patients as young as 16 years of age.”

In fact, fatigue is fast emerging as a syndrome witnessed mainly in the 16-40 age group. This is the group that is reporting to the clinics due to high levels of stress coupled with their sedentary lifestyle.

Dr Bharat Kumar Reddy, consultant psychiatrist at Apollo Hospitals explained, “The incidence is increasing in the younger people and it is affecting their quality of life and also performance at work. This causes economic loss due to frequent abstention. Underlying depression is also found to be a major cause but often it is not detected in time. When the treatment for fatigue is not completed by the patient, it is found to recur. Apart from medications there is also a need to improve lifestyle habits, diet and include exercise in daily life, which can together help to beat fatigue.”

Treating fatigue requires improving haemoglobin levels for anaemia patients, thyroxine supplementation for hypothyroid patients. It has also been found that exposure to adequate sunlight, outdoor physical activities, good nutrition including lots of fruits, nuts and salads along with adequate sleep and medication help to beat fatigue.

Fatigue may recur if inadequately treated. It is important for the person to be aware and ensure a healthy lifestyle to avoid fatigue. 

Location: India, Telangana, Hyderabad