Teenager ignores stomach pain only to find teeth, brain growing in her ovary

She had a tumour in her ovary and also in her liver along with cysts across her body.

Surrey, UK: Being careful about one’s health is a crucial aspect of life and not paying attention to what might seem like stomach cramps might result in serious consequences, as a teenager found out the hard way.

16-year-old Kezia Denne ignored stomach pain throughout her childhood as she dismissed them as cramps arising from gluten intolerance, even as the pain grew so strong that she had to be hospitalised at 12.

On further testing it was found out that she had a germ cell tumour since birth and this led to teeth, hair and brain growing inside her ovary. They removed the tumour but later found out that Kezia had another one on her liver and cysts throughout the body.

She told Daily Mail that, 'If I coughed or laughed, it would be excruciating. I knew it was something serious.' Kezia was also devastated when she found out that she needed to undergo chemotherapy for treating the condition.

After several rounds of chemotherapy and a liver operation, doctors told Kezia that she will have to regularly visit for check ups throughout her life to make sure the tumours don’t grow again.

Kezia also believes in giving back as she is doing her part by skydiving to raise money for a cancer charity for teenagers called Teens Unite.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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