A peep in time can save not nine but 120 oral diseases

Sujata, an IT professional in the city, went to a dentist complaining of ulcers in the mouth and bleeding gums.

Bengaluru: A peep in time by a city dentist helped diagnose an autoimmune disorder in 48-year-old Sujata (name changed). Sujata, an IT professional in the city, went to a dentist complaining of ulcers in the mouth and bleeding gums. Little did she realise that what seemed like an oral issue would be an indication of something bigger.

“She came a few months ago complaining of ulcers and rashes in the mouth. But, when I inspected the mouth I realised that it couldn't just be simple ulcers. We also asked her to share her history of whether the same rashes were happening at other body parts as well. Her response was in affirmative,” says Dr Srivats Bharadwaj, founder, CEO and Chairman, Vatsalya Dental who then asked her to get a blood test done and also visit a skin specialist as the issue had very little to do with the oral problem.

Following the blood tests, Sujata was diagnosed with a life threatening autoimmune disorder called Pemphigus Vulgaris, a rare autoimmune disease that causes painful blisters on the skin and mucous membranes. “Luckily for her, it was caught at a very early stage, which is uncommon and timely treatment could also be begun,” the doctor says. Most people tend to ignore ulcers or put superficial ointments that will reduce the pain. Luckily, Sujata knew the importance of oral care, went to the dentist and got her life-threatening autoimmune disease diagnosed early, he adds.

His team, however, gave the medications for her dental infections to subside. “After her dental issues were solved she started with the immunotherapy at another doctor's clinic,” he says. Speaking about the importance of oral health, the doctor says the people have very little knowledge about the importance of oral health.

“Some 120 medical conditions can be diagnosed in the mouth. It is sad to see educated people have no knowledge about oral health. In our country, oral health is divorced from general health,” he stresses. According to the doctor, Sujata is under medication right now and has made certain lifestyle changes, including doing yoga and meditation, to help her mind and body and keep her energy up.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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