Sweat the fat out: Exercise important with diet plan for rapid weight loss

Experts find weight loss through just dieting is not possible and for healthy shape-shifting', exercise is as important as food control.

Can one lose weight without diet and gym? Experts find it impossible and rubbish the recent claims by Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra giving full credit to a fruit combo for her weight loss. The present shape the actress has got is due to exercise and it is too difficult to believe her claim that the 18-kg loss in 30 days is due to a fruit combination nutrient diet.

According to experts, weight loss is possible only through a scientific diet and an exercise regime. What one eats must be utilised in activity. This is the principle the body follows and for everybody there are different rules depending on their metabolism and hormones which send out signals when one is hungry or full.

Hormones have a big say
The human body has hunger hormones ghrelin and satiety which gives a signal to the brain that food is enough. In people who have high number of hunger hormones, they are not satisfied with less food and require a full-course meal to feel full; such people often tend to eat more. And if they have a high metabolic rate, then the body digests the food and the fats are utilised.

A high metabolic rate means a hyperactive life — the person is always either on the move or upto something whereby the energy is completely utilised. But if the person who has high number of ghrelin hormone has a low metabolic rate, then the food gets converted into fats and begins to get stored in the body.

Dr Abhishek Katakwar, consultant bariatric and metabolic surgeon at Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, explains, “People who have a low metabolic rate may eat less but tend to put on more weight as their body does not utilise the fat. Such individuals need to work out to burn what they eat. Without exercise, the body does not get the required shape and strength in the core muscles.”

Rapid Weight Loss is Unhealthy
Losing 18 kg in 30 days which comes in the category of rapid weight loss is not good for health. Rapid weight loss increases the toxins or ketones in the body which damage organs.

Dr Naveen Polavarapu, senior consultant gastroenterologist in Apollo Hospitals, elaborates, “Losing half a kilo of weight every day is not scientifically possible. These fast track methods for weight loss are often found to damage the body in the long run. During these times, the body gets signals putting it in emergency mode. An emergency mode is set by the body when it is going through critical illness where all organs are working in emergency form. A healthy person getting into this mode is not good. Hence a proper scientific method for weight loss along with exercise must be set to ensure that the body gets the required nutrients and fats which are being utilised through proper workouts.”

Things to keep in mind

  • Fad diets like fruit combinations, juices, GM diets and others are found to be short-term successes and do not help people lose weight.
  • Experts state that 20 kg of weight can be lost in six months in a scientific and sustainable manner.
  • Weight loss regime has to programmed according to the body type; just dieting is not sufficient. Combination of diet and exercise is a must.
  • Doing any form of exercise requires continuous, everyday workout regime to ensure that the body is active and is in the right shape. Weight loss does not happen overnight and effective results are seen only after a long period.
  • Starvation puts the body in an emergency mode as it gives a signal that there will not be enough food and all the energy from stored fat is utilised for the body functions.
( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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