Man shares pictures of wife dying of cervical cancer

he cancer was classed as stage 4b in severity.

A man has warned about the importance of smear tests after his wife and mother of his kids died of cancer, The Independent reported. Almost exactly a year ago, Elliott Lowe’s wife Donna was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After further scans, the mother of four was then told on January 10 that the cancer had already spread to the lymph nodes in her pelvic area. The cancer was classed as stage 4b in severity.

Donna underwent six gruelling weeks of daily radiotherapy and a chemotherapy session, although the chemotherapy session had to be halted due to complications. Sadly, Donna lost her fight to cancer, eventually passing away in August surrounded by her loved ones in Milton Keynes.

Elliott felt he had a responsibility to make others aware about how crucial it is for women to have regular smear tests, which is why he wrote a lengthy post on Facebook. Elliott shared the shocking images of his wife before and after her cancer diagnosis to show everyone just how much of an impact missing one smear test can have. His post has struck a chord with a great number of people on Facebook. It currently has 42,000 reactions and has been shared 29,000 times.

( Source : Agencies )
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