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Conjoined twins facing early death to undergo surgery to seperate their heads

Published Jul 25, 2017, 8:38 pm IST
Updated Jul 25, 2017, 8:38 pm IST
The parents are appealing to the government for funds (Photo: YouTube)
 The parents are appealing to the government for funds (Photo: YouTube)

Birth defects can at times result in heartbreaking stories of children suffering a terrible ordeal and even facing death at an early age. Cases of twins born attached to each other have been reported for the past several years, and at many of them have been known to cause severe consequences for the babies.

Rabia and Rukia from Bangladesh were born with heads joined together and this poses a risk of them dying at an early age. The twins who face death at any moment finally have hope since they will be undergoing surgery to separate their heads.

While their mother had a normal pregnancy, the parents didn’t have any idea about the twins being conjoined until they were delivered. While doctors said that they will have to wait for two years, the surgery coming early is a blessing for the girls born in July last year.

Meanwhile the parents who are teaching at a local school made an appeal to the government for financial help since they couldn’t raise funds for the surgery.



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