Side effect of new cancer drug turns grey hair brown in patients

The drug turns hair of lung cancer patients brown but has the exact opposite effect on melanoma patients.

People have been trying to find a solution to grey hair for a long time now and while several products in the market promise preventing hair from going grey, there seems to be a scientific accident which may hold the answer to this age old question.

While important research is being conducted into diagnosis of cancer all over the world, a cancer drug being tested by researchers in Spain has been found to have a side effect that turns grey hair brown in patients. What seemed to be like an isolated incident turned out to be prevalent among many more patients who used the drug.

Although this drug turns hair of lung cancer dark brown or even black, patients with another cancer melanoma reported that their hair lost colour due to it.

Even though the observations are fascinating, researchers are waiting till more tests are conducted to find out if this may really yield a cure for grey hair.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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