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10 Ways Health Insurance Makes Things Simple for You

Published Dec 23, 2019, 2:23 pm IST
Updated Dec 23, 2019, 2:23 pm IST
Health insurance isn’t ONLY for critical illnesses and group medical policies are pretty limited in their coverage. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)
 Health insurance isn’t ONLY for critical illnesses and group medical policies are pretty limited in their coverage. (Photo: Representational/Pexels)

Health Insurance. Perhaps you’ve always thought of it as something you don’t need just yet. Maybe you’re of the assumption that you’re still too young, health insurances are for critical illnesses and the like, right?

Or maybe you only think of it as a mere tax tool or as a redundant expense you don’t want to make. After all, if anything devastating does happen you do have your company’s group medical insurance policy, don’t you?

Well, what if I told you that the above are nothing, but just half-baked preconceived notions, that aren’t entirely true. For starters, health insurance isn’t ONLY for critical illnesses and group medical policies are pretty limited in their coverage.

Today’s health insurance plans come with comprehensive coverages and multiple health benefits, ensuring your overall health and wellbeing. With an increasing market size and growth of almost 20% every year, health insurance products are continuously seeing considerable improvement and innovation.

Let’s break it down for you further and understand how having a health insurance could make things simple for you.

  1. Early Prevention with Annual Health Checkups
    One of the things we all probably never do until needed is a health checkup. However, a regular, annual health checkup can make your life easier by helping you prevent potential illnesses and lucky for you, most health insurances today offer complimentary, annual health checkups as part of even their basic health insurance policy. You know what they say, awareness is the first step towards change, and better health.
  2. Bundle of Benefits with a Maternity Cover
    In today’s generation, many young couples often worry about the financial responsibilities that come with bringing a new human being into this world. However, one way a health insurance could be your savior (and if you plan well) is by covering for all your maternity related expenses! Additionally, some health insurances today also cover for infertility treatments, medically necessary terminations and even your newborn baby, up to its first 90 days; so you can relax and enjoy the very beginning of your parenthood journey.
  3. Cheaper Premiums, Increased Coverages for the Future
    It’s an extremely common misconception that you don’t need health insurance if you’re young. However, this isn’t true. When you’re young, a health insurance is an efficient way to stay financially secure from any illnesses big and small. Moreover, when you buy a health insurance when you’re young, your premiums too would be a lot cheaper and your coverage too will increase with a bonus for the periods you don’t make a claim (No Claim Bonus) a smart investment now, isn’t it?
  4. Coverage for Daycare Procedures
    What many people don’t know is that a health insurance also covers for things beyond hospitalizations. For example; a health insurance would also cover for daycare procedures, i.e. treatments that take less than 24 hours to treat due to technological advancements in healthcare. So, this would include treatments such as cataract, lithotripsy (kidney stones removal), septoplasty, dialysis, chemotherapy, etc.
  5. Alternative Treatments (AYUSH) for Parents
    If you have senior parents, you would be aware of their obsession with alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Unani or Siddha. Luckily, many health insurances today also cover for them- thus making things so much easier for your lovely parents.
  6. Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses
    Contrary to what one may assume, your health insurance will generally not only cover for hospitalization but, also cover for pre and post hospitalization expenses- which is a huge deal! So right from your diagnostic tests and pharmacy bills, you will be covered for and hence, can save a lot more on your healthcare expenses!
  7. Advance Cash Benefit
    What if I told you, you could get 50% of your treatment amount in advance and then worry about the rest 50% later? A newbie to health insurance, an advance cash benefit can really help reduce your burden during yours or a family member’s medical treatment. So, if you don’t have a health insurance yet- this a cool feature to look out for!
  8. Because Accidents Happen
    No matter how optimistic we all are, both the good and the bad are a part and parcel of life. Sometimes, accidents could happen, and any health insurance would be a relief to have during such times.
  9. Tax Savings, of course!
    Let’s get to the money bit now, shall we? Whether something bad happens or not, one of the most attractive benefits of a health insurance is the fact that it does help you in your tax savings, up to Rs 25,000 to Rs 75,000 if you have your parents insured too. So whether you choose to use your health insurance to make your life simpler or not, it’ll definitely make your finances a tad bit easier.
  10. New Age Digital Processes
    Gone are the days of cumbersome insurance processes. Today, there are a few health insurance companies that understand exactly what today’s generation is looking for. Therefore, they’ve simplified processes and made having and claiming for a health insurance a lot easier, thanks to technology! All you need is probably a stable internet connection and your smartphone or laptop.

Changed your mind? Well, if you plan to buy a Health Insurance policy, don’t forget to check the quotes provided by Digit Insurance and make an informed decision.



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