Learn yoga from Sreya, aged ten

She showed an incredible flexibility of the body.

ALAPPUZHA: Sreya R. Nair, a Class 5 student of Kalavoor Government Higher Secondary School, is perhaps the first certified Yoga 'lady' teacher at age ten. A black belt in Kung Fu, she got Yoga Siromani recognition last week, and she can perform at least 100 asanas at ease. Many call her a 'wonder kid in yoga'. Her proud parents - Sudhikumar and Rohini of Kalavoor - say she started training when she turned four with no support. She showed an incredible flexibility of the body.

Wondered by her performance, they took her to Yoga guru Krishna Kurup in Kalavoor. Under his stewardship, her talent nurtured. Still a disciple of him, she sets aside time from her academic activities to learn each asana fast and meticulous. Now she can easily do even Mayurasana and Shirshasana. “I felt it was always easy to do these asanas. But my heart always goes to the craze of finding a knack for embracing asanas. However, it’s my masters who played a pivotal role in taking best out of me," says Sreya.

She is now confident to perform any asanas very fluently and wants to teach them others, creating maximum awareness on its advantages. "I always loved to be a yoga teacher," the kid says, with confidence. Yogacharya M. Surendranath, director of Sivananda International School of Yoga, which awarded her the certificate on Dec 15, said the child was an exceptional case when it comes to performing asanas.

“She is a blessed soul with a gifted body” he says. "Otherwise, nobody can achieve such a standard at this tender age. Her dedication and passion also helped her to realise it. The one-year course has a three-hour class every week. We issue the certificate based on the performance in theory and practical tests. She is not only efficient but also got talent to teach others. She knows well to explain every asana, step by step."

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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