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Boosting immune system key to fighting COVID-19, says Shilpa Reddy

Published Jun 23, 2020, 5:31 pm IST
Updated Jun 24, 2020, 3:53 am IST
Stressing that she doesn’t believe in cures but in prevention, Shilpa underlines the importance of staying hydrate
Shilpa Reddy
 Shilpa Reddy

There’s a lot of fear and anxiety about the pandemic because the numbers of COVID-19 infections are rising in the city and the State.

It is against this background that fitness expert and entrepreneur Shilpa Reddy has come out with some practical and reassuring advice showing that this disease can be overcome.


“Two weeks ago, a family friend visited us, and left our home feeling unwell,” recalls Shilpa.

In a video, she goes on to recount that five days later came the information that one member of the friend’s family had tested COVID-19 positive. Shilpa and her husband got themselves tested too, and found that they were also infected by the Novel Coronavirus.

This can happen to anyone, notes Shilpa, but stresses that the problem can be handled.

“We were typically asymptomatic cases,” says Shilpa. Neither she nor her husband suffered from headache, fever, tiredness, or any of the other symptoms listed under the disease.


The first thing they did after getting the test results came was to quarantine themselves.

But the point Shilpa makes in the video is that actually, their preparation had started much before that. “There’s enough scientific evidence to show that if we take sufficient efforts to raise our immune system, we can fight off this disease,” says Shilpa. “Being prepared mentally and physically will help you sail through it effortlessly.”

She recommends regular physical activity, breathing exercises and meditation. “Fear destroys the immune system,” Shilpa cautions.


Don’t be fearful. Be prepared.

Stressing that she doesn’t believe in cures but in prevention, Shilpa underlines the importance of staying hydrated and loading up with the right vitamins to fight off a possible infection. “Every minute you invest in health and wellbeing will repay you in ways you can’t imagine,” she concludes.