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The beauty of going vegan

Published Feb 22, 2019, 12:13 am IST
Updated Feb 22, 2019, 12:13 am IST
One can use natural ingredients like aloe vera for clearer skin or papaya for acne care.
Vegan beauty treatments in India
 Vegan beauty treatments in India

When we say vegan beauty treatment, the principle is same as vegan diet — it should not involve animals or animal-derived products in any form. Many spas and beauty parlours which offer ‘cruelty-free’ services still include eggs, dairy products, honey etc. in their treatments. However, with increased information on unethical treatment of animals available online and with healthier beauty movements on the rise, vegan lifestyle including beauty treatments is becoming more mainstream.            

What are its the pros and cons?


The best part of vegan treatment is the fact that it contributes towards a healthier and sustainable planet. Secondly, the ingredients being natural can be really good for sensitive skin with hardly any side effect.

Is it too expensive? What is the average cost of a vegan beauty treatment in India?

The average treatment cost would be between Rs 700 (manicure) and Rs 7,000 (for a spa). Regular treatments such as skin lightening cost Rs 2,500- 5,000 and an average hair spa would cost around Rs 2,500. The pricing can be higher for high-end treatments which depend entirely on the treatment centre.

What are the most popular vegan beauty treatments in India?

The four most popular treatments in India currently are:
1.   Vegan hair colouring
2.   Vegan hair smoothening
3.   Vegan facial
4.   Vegan body scrubs

Any myths surrounding vegan beauty treatments that you will like to break?

1.   The treatment will suit everyone: Since vegan treatment involves organic and natural ingredients, one might think that it suits most skin or hair types. As the rule with any new treatment goes, one must test out the products first or get an expert opinion before switching to or trying out a new vegan treatment.

2.   You need very expensive products for vegan beauty treatments: We do not need to spend a lot of money in exclusive spas and salons to get vegan treatment done or spend hours online to buy products. One can use natural ingredients like aloe vera for clearer skin or papaya for acne care.

3.   Only vegans can go for vegan treatments: Whether one follows a vegan diet or not, they can choose vegan treatments simply because they may be better for their skin in the long run, apart from the fact that they promote ethical consumerism.

(The writer is the Cheif Stylist, Voonik.com)