Eat your way to wellness

Dr Nandita Shah believes and promotes the idea Your Health is in Your Hands' through her workshops on healthy dietary habits.

Every person is a doctor is what Dr Nandita Shah believes. A recipient of the Nari Shakti Award 2016 instituted by the Union Government, Dr Nandita is a registered homeopathy practitioner, who has been, for over 11 years, presenting the Peas VS Pills workshops across the world, inspiring people to make dietary and lifestyle changes.

Dr Nandita, who is in Kochi to deliver a talk on ‘Your Health is in Your Hands’ on Thursday, explains, “We can become our own best doctors by understanding the realities of outsourcing our health and by reconnecting with our instincts. Animals know how to heal themselves by instinct. We have lost touch with our instincts because we are constantly being conditioned by society and advertisements.”

An author of the book Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days and the founder of SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health and Reconnection to Animals and Nature), her works are based on connect between mind and body. Through her health workshops, she has ensured the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of the participants.

“Medicines never cure; that doesn’t mean that they are useless. They definitely control the symptoms, but never help in complete cure. Our body works to heal; any fracture that no doctor can cure is healed by the body. No one gets cured of diabetes, hypertension and hypothyroid with medicines. Body can heal if we try to understand the cause and eliminate it,” she adds.

Dr Nandita is not against medicines. She opposes the current practice of outsourcing health to doctors, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. “We are conditioned to think that doctors know everything and we rarely question them, But for me, it’s quite amusing to see diabetics lining up to visit the doctors, who suffer from diabetes and who have never cured anybody of diabetes. The truth is that most doctors don’t know much about nutrition as it is not taught in medical colleges.”

According to Dr Nandita, if we want to get rid of diabetes, we have to understand the cause of lack of insulin or insulin resistance and oust it from our body. “Nobody tries that, which is why Kerala still has a high diabetic population.” Expressing serious concerns over the unhealthy eating habits of the young generation, she adds, “Ready-to-eat food plays a big role in the increasing rate of lifestyle diseases among youngsters. Chemicals are hormonal disruptors. We are eating our way to sickness. Such diseases are the result of wrong nutrition and can be easily solved through changing dietary habits. There is no need to suffer the way we are doing today.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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