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Published on: August 21, 2023 | Updated on: August 21, 2023
Everyone can find something they like, whether they prefer Tibetan sonic frequency technologies, medicine melodies, temple bells.

Everyone can find something they like, whether they prefer Tibetan sonic frequency technologies, medicine melodies, temple bells.

Traffic horns. Nonstop chit-chat. Cellphone ringtones. Birds chirping. The downpour. The rumble. Life is loud.

Some sounds, on the other hand, are intended to be soothing.

Everyone can find something they like, whether they prefer Tibetan sonic frequency technologies, medicine melodies, temple bells, electronic music, voice, wind instruments, gongs, drums, singing bowls, or chimes. Sound baths are a new technique for recharging the body and mind that are becoming increasingly popular as a way to disconnect from our phones, let go of attachments, and relieve stress.  

Additionally, they can be held almost anywhere, including homes, parks, fitness centres, and yoga studios.

Understanding sound

A sound bath is a meditation practise that uses a gong to help the brain reach delta and theta wave states, which aid in natural healing and nurturing. They are the slowest brain waves, and we usually only experience them when we are daydreaming or sleeping deeply.

"Simply take a moment to listen to the sounds around you, such as fans, people talking, traffic noise, birds chirping, and so on. Pay attention to the sounds within you as well. As sound practitioners, we believe that everything, including our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and sensations, is made up of sound. One can change the inner alchemy by using sounds therapeutically," says Priyanka Jay Patel, founder of Sound Healing India.

"I was able to connect with my physical self by using the sound of my voice, singing bowls, and gongs. As a result, the body image issues were resolved. I gradually let go of my fear of being judged and began living a more mindful life. I continue to meditate with sounds in order to progress into silence. Silence is where stillness and balance can be found," adds Priyanka.

Good vibrations

According to Arouba Kabir, emotional and mental health professional and founder of Enso Wellness, "As a holistic therapist working with people from various walks of life and belief systems, incorporating sound baths into my clients’ therapy has provided me with a transformative approach to promoting emotional well-being and healing. Sound baths offer an alternative form of communication, allowing clients to connect with their emotions on a deeper level. For instance, a client who struggles with anxiety may find solace in the soothing sounds of a singing bowl, experiencing a sense of relief and relaxation that words might not fully convey," says Arouba Kabir adding, "Sound baths harness the power of sound vibrations to produce a deeply relaxing and meditative experience that can have far-reaching effects on the mind, body, and spirit."

The Healing Harmony

The rhythmic and resonant tones act as anchors, guiding clients’ attention to the present moment. "This practise improves self-awareness and creates a safe space for exploration, thereby supplementing traditional therapeutic techniques. For example, a client recovering from trauma may find the gentle vibrations of a sound bath soothing, aiding in grounding and fostering a sense of security. The adaptability of sound baths allows for personalization, tailoring the experience to individual preferences and needs. By involving clients in instrument selection or encouraging them to share their emotional intentions for the session, I empower them to actively participate in their healing process," says Arouba Kabir.

unplug & let go of stress

In a world increasingly dominated by digital distractions, sound baths provide a sanctuary to disconnect from phones and external pressures. "The immersive auditory journey assists people in releasing attachments and relieving stress, creating a peaceful environment for introspection and renewal. Sound baths’ versatility in terms of location is one of their most notable features. They can be done in a variety of settings, such as the comfort of one’s own home, parks, medical facilities, and fitness centres," says Nupuur Patil, Celebrity nutritionist and fitness coach adding, "Because of this adaptability, practitioners can choose an environment that corresponds to their personal sense of calm and well-being."

Kansa (bronze) singing bowls and gongs

Kansa (bronze) singing bowls and gongs are ancient tools. "Kansa is the same metal that sings when rung, and it is used in temples and churches. Since ancient times, this metal has been a part of our culture. The third most expensive metal with medicinal/ayurvedic properties," says Priyanka Jay Patel.
Furthermore, they are the pinnacle of sound therapy.

It improves memory,
Balances pitta,
Improves blood circulation,
Balances blood pressure,
Aids digestion,
Relaxes and calms the mind,
Improves sleep,
Increases our personal vibration
Aids in the management of anger

The sound of hand-beaten singing bowls and Gongs instantly clears the mind, calms the mind, and induces a deep relaxed state. Regularly meditating on this sound has helped many people overcome anxiety and fears,"
— Priyanka.

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