Chiropractor's slammed over insane vaginal glue for menstruation

The doctor describes vaginas as self cleaning shower drain and says the product is an alternative for tampons.

Personal hygiene is an important issue for women and there are several products meant for making women more comfortable during menstruation. But while the topic has been discussed widely, there are still some bizarre ideas arising out of misunderstanding women’s health.

A chiropractor named Dr Daniel Dopps has come up with a product based on his understanding of the vagina as a “self-cleaning shower drain”. The Mensez Adhesive Vaginal Lipstick is a lot like it sounds, and women might not find it very appealing.

A Facebook post mentions that it’s like a lipstick where your lips are stuck together and you only have to wet lips from inside to open them. The product is supposed to be applied on the inner labia so that they are stuck together and hold menstrual fluid back till a woman urinates.

(Photo: Facebook)(Photo: Facebook)

The idea meant to be an alternative for tampons received harsh criticism on social media, but the doctor had an even more outrageous response after being slammed.

Dopps said that women should come up with alternatives in the first place but they don’t since they are mostly distracted by periods and that makes them less productive.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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