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Walking the Plank

Deccan Chronicle| Priya Rathnam

Published on: September 19, 2019 | Updated on: September 19, 2019

Taking up Pilates to escape from stress led to Kavita Prakash finding her calling.

Kavita Prakash training in her fitness centre.

Kavita Prakash training in her fitness centre.

Kavita Prakash used to work in high-profile, high-pressure jobs with MNCs in Dubai. But when she discovered Pilates, it gave her a sense of energy, confidence and fulfilment like she had never experienced before. She decided to make it her life’s work and brought classical Pilates to the city of Bengaluru.

Today, Kavita is a USA-certified classical Pilates instructor having completed 950 hours of an advanced teacher training programme. She is currently pursuing a masters in Classical Pilates and teaches different age groups in her beautiful studio.

"I experienced the fabulous benefits of Pilates like the numerous changes it brought about in my body and how I felt from within. I wanted to share this sense of achievement with everyone, which led me to study intensely and teach Pilates," she explains, adding, "When profession is coupled with passion, I truly believe this leads to a desire for fulfilment. It makes you want to make happy memories and achieve everything that you are capable of in your life.

While Pilates is popular across all age-groups, the majority of students in her studio are millennials, who confess that Pilates is helping them to construct a flawless timetable and healthy lifestyle. Behram Siganporia, pilot-turned-singer says, "Being a singer, it’s very crucial for me to ensure my breathing is in place. I realised that Pilates has tremendously improved my breathing and has also helped in physical recovery from the fatigue I have after back-to-back concerts and gym sessions. Another notion that some people have is that Pilates isn’t really for men. But I can vouch that it’s not only about stretches but involves a good amount of strength conditioning too. It also gives a great deal of mental peace."

Suruchi Rao, founder of a bio-energy company, was curious after seeing everyone pushing the Pilates hashtag on social media. She joined her first fitness session with only a vague idea of what it was going to be. She discovered its benefits soon enough and now extols the virtues of this physical fitness system, "Pilates helped me centre myself, understand the importance of stretching and bring mindfulness to my daily movement. This is perfect for anyone hunched over their computers or for those who do not wish to fall asleep at their workbench after a strenuous morning gym session. The practice has changed me both within and without, with a fantastic improvement in my posture."

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