Scottish author is paying doctors to preserve his brain after death

DJ MacLennan is paying approximately Rs 4,000 per month so that his brain can be cryogenically stored

There are many people who have decided to donate their organs once they are dead and while insuring body parts is also a thing, cryonics has many people excited. An author from Scotland has started paying a research institute so that he can preserve his brain even after he is dead.

According to a report in the Mirror, Skye-based author DJ MacLennan has started paying 50 pounds per month to the Alcor Institute to preserve his brain just like how organs can be donated. The author has told the institute that when he dies he wants the team of volunteers to fill his body with anti-freezing liquid before plunging it into ice water. MacLennan’s body will then be wrapped in a polyethylene, submerged in alcohol and lowered into ice before being shipped to Arizona. The head will then be removed and frozen in liquid nitrogen before being stored.

While the process costs 75,000 pounds, DJ has taken the one that costs 40,000 pounds. The writer believes that if organs aren’t wasted anymore, brains should definitely not be wasted and Cryonics is the best option.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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