New sperm age calculator determines how lifestyle affects fertility in men

Smoking was found to be a major factor leading to ageing of sperm by researchers who also assessed changes in DNA with age.

Physical as well as mental health is known to have limitations and can run out with passage of time. Like every other aspect of personal well being, sperm quality is also affected by time and several other factors.

While a woman’s lifestyle and age is known to affect fertility, a new system to calculate sperm age shows how the same is true for men. The new calculator can give an accurate idea about the age of sperm and its effects on a man’s fertility.

It can also indicate the ability of men to conceive and the risk of their offspring developing genetic mutations. Researchers assessed changes in DNA of men as they age and also spotted changes in sperm.

They found that smoking is a major factor that causes significant ageing of the sperm. The idea is to screen men before they have children to assess risks for the offspring.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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