Child in UAE faces fatal health risk because her parents are first cousins

Children born to first cousins are more likely to be deaf, blind and even face early death.

Marriage between cousins has always been a much talked about topic whenever it comes to children being born from such unions. While there has been concern over the health of such babies, it seems that children born to close cousins may also face fatal health risks.

The gravity of the consequences children born to cousins may face is reflected in a case from UAE where a baby may have to battle severe diarrhoea for the rest of her life as her parents are first cousins. Her life expectancy is also low since she has to rely on fluids and her body can’t absorb nutrients.

The condition has been caused by inbreeding and she already has signs of liver disease. The parents had previously lost a child due to similar complications. The problem is also known to be becoming prevalent in British Pakistanis and other communities where marriage between first cousins and inbreeding is common.

Several Muslim girls are known to face the dilemma regarding marrying a cousin due to their family’s wishes. Research warns that children of first cousins are more likely to have deafness, blindness and may face premature death.

Meanwhile the baby girl in Abu Dhabi is battling for her life with invasive treatment used by doctors. They say she is lucky to be alive for 21 months since another baby facing similar issues succumbed to the illness in just 21 days.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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