All in 45 minutes!

Published Oct 17, 2017, 12:28 am IST
Updated Oct 17, 2017, 12:28 am IST
Deepti Akki’s fitness training centre, f45, has become the go-to place for enthusiasts in the city.
Murali Vijay at the F45 centre.
 Murali Vijay at the F45 centre.

Forty-five minutes. That’s all the time it took to convince Deepti Akki that ‘F45’ would change her life forever, and to dedicate her career to it! The 45-minute high-intensity circuit training workout class in functional fitness has been making waves across the world ever since it was founded in Australia a few years ago.
Conceptualised by Sydney-based celebrity trainer Luke Istomin — the programme arrived in Chennai late last year, thanks to Deepti and her business partner Adith Easwaran.

“I’d always been into fitness and nutrition. Earlier, I was a dance instructor and was also advising women on pregnancy and pre-natal care, as well as being involved with aerobics, Zumba and kick-boxing as well. Even for someone like me, who’s tried most things in fitness, my first F45 session was overwhelming!


The tech and community building involved was also pretty great. That’s when I decided to move to Chennai and set up a studio here,” begins Deepti, who is originally from Hyderabad.

Adding that Chennai is very open to forms of alternate fitness outside the gym, such as boxing, running, cycling, surfing and other outdoor sports, Deepti says that athletes as well as regular fitness enthusiasts across the city took to F45 like a house on fire — “The adrenaline rush that comes with a workout is immense; also there are no injuries at all such as those that come with other types of functional fitness. The sessions are paced, such as 45 and 60 seconds of exercise, with 10-15 seconds of a break in between. The accompanying music as well is not regular film fare – we have the best of DJs, who have devised the ideal tunes and tracks to keep energy levels pumping and going.”

Studios across the world offer the same class at different times throughout the day. But the best part? Members never get the same workout twice! Daily workouts vary the amount of exercise stations, the work time/rest time ratio and the number of repetitions through the ‘exercise circuit’ of each day.

There are a host of unique programs to choose from, Deepti explains. The Hollywood Circuit tests the strength, core stability and cardiovascular endurance, while the Romans Resistance will activate muscle mass and burn calories during sleep. Brooklyn Boxing, Renegade, Flamingo Athletica are some of the other  popular programs. There’s even tai chi and yoga for those looking to fight stress!
Several cricketers and actors have also endorsed the cause; Murali Vijay is in fact, the brand ambasador in Chennai, while Australian cricketers Brett Lee and Shane Watson are also fans.

“People work out in teams at their own pace watching screens across the gym relay the routines, while trainers walk around correcting and helping them. Members book sessions through the F45 app at their convenience, in a limited group. Even if people miss a class due to a holiday or emergency, they can always make it up when they return. We help with goals of all sorts — from reducing weight to developing lean muscles,” explains Deepti.

With their centre in Nungambakkam doing fantastic over the course of the last year or so, Deepti is all set for her next in ECR shortly.

“What really sets us apart is also the quality of our trainers; they are educated, skilled and perfectly able to communicate and interact with the members. They make comfort calls outside the studio, and are more like friends to clients and help them achieve their goals,” she concludes, with a smile.