Scientists discover way to fight prostate cancer

The find could be life-saving for men with the deadly disease.

Scientists have may have found a new way to tackle prostate cancer, the Daily Mail reported.

The team at the Institute of Cancer Research in London discovered close to 80 proteins that causes the cancer to develop and spread. There are currently seven drugs available to block on two proteins that cause this type of cancer.

Radiotherapy, surgery to remove, prostate gland and hormone therapy, are some of the treatments available to patients.

This new treatment could potentially be in the drugs already being used to treat ovarian, skin and breast cancer.

"This study has uncovered a remarkably large number of new genes that drive the development of prostate cancer, and given us vital information about how to exploit the biology of the disease to find potential new treatments," Professor Paul Workman, chief executive of the Institute of Cancer Research told the Daily Mail.

Adding, "We hope our findings will stimulate a wave of new research into the genetic changes and potential drug targets we have identified, with the aim that patients should benefit as soon as possible."

This is the largest study investigating the link between genes and prostate cancer.

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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