Video: Pakistani groom tries to enter wedding riding a lion

He rode atop the caged lion after he was too frightened to do the real thing

Weddings are supposed to be grand and lavish with a lot of fanfare and both the bride and the groom make it a point to stay in the limelight at all times because it is ‘their day’. After a Pakistani groom recently entered his own wedding with a Triple H entry another groom took it a step further by trying to ride a lion.

According to a media report, Sheikh Irfan from Multan wanted to make is wedding day a memorable that not only he would remember but even the guests would talk about for a long time. The groom thought it would be best to enter while riding a lion but when it came to the main day, he somehow got too scared to do it. His father still wanting to make it a grand occasion put the lion in a cage in a vehicle and made his son enter with it.

The son entered his wedding reception on top of the cage before he got down to be hounded by garlands and guests. It may have not gone like he planned but this will definitely be memorable to everybody on the Internet.

Watch the video here:

( Source : deccan chronicle )
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