Fall in temperature can worsen pain for patients

Those suffering from nerve pain in the face, eyebrows and the neck region need to protect these areas with warm clothing.

Hyderabad: The cold weather is aggravating the condition of those suffering from problems like nerve pain, trigeminal neuralgia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and uncontrolled diabetes.

The primary reason for this is the dip in temperatures with the mercury fluctuating between 10º and 16º Celsius. The weather affects patients and the elderly as the nervous system reacts to temperature changes. If it is too cold, it heightens the pain.

Dr Muralidhar Reddy, consultant neurologist, said, “Those who are exposed to the cold suffer from facial paralysis which is caused by the failure of the nerve that controls the muscles on one side of the face.”

“Senior citizens have to be very careful during early morning walks as their immunity can get easily compromised. It is strongly advocated that they wear caps, mufflers to protect their head and neck from the cold.” Diabetics experience peri-pheral neuropathy — burning sensation and numbness in the limbs due to the cold.

Dr Rama Krishna, senior neurologist said, “Those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s complain of loss of sensation in this season. They require extra care and medication. The symptoms should be identified early so that preventive measures are taken.”

Six cases of swine flu confirmed, treatment on
Six cases of swine flu were confirmed on Monday and they are undergoing treatment at private and public hospitals in the city.

Three patients are middle-aged while the other three are senior citizens.
A senior doctor at Gandhi Hospital said, “Two patients from Karimnagar and Nalgonda district were in very critical condition but are stable now. There is also one case from Charminar and he has been kept under observation.”

With a large movement of people from city to the rural areas for the festival season, experts said that the virus gets easily transferred at crowded places.
People who are moving in crowded areas must take extra precautions and opt for medical care if the flu-like conditions continue for more than two days, doctors said.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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