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Goat yoga is the new must-do fitness craze

Published Jun 16, 2017, 2:48 pm IST
Updated Jun 16, 2017, 3:09 pm IST
Goat yoga is gaining popularity. (All Photos: Facebook  FARRM)
 Goat yoga is gaining popularity. (All Photos: Facebook FARRM)

Goat Yoga is the new craze sweeping across North America.

With the goats around, doing the snake pose, surya namaskar, downward dog or cobra pose makes it even more fun.

The project that started on a whim in 2016 in Oregon has gained huge popularity. One animal sanctuary hosting goat yoga classes is the Farm Animal Rescue and Rehoming Movement (FARRM) Animal Sanctuary in Canada.

Chantelle Theroux, a yoga instructor at FAARM told CBC people love interacting with the animals and are excited to have them around. Participants she reveals embrace the chaos even when the goats can get quite energetic.

Theroux said FAARM thought the classes would be a great was to raise awareness about animal welfare issues. Interacting with animals has also been clinically proven to relieve stress in people and improve wellbeing. So people get a variety of benefits from the classes with the adorable animals.

By the looks of it, the goats seem to be having quite the time too.



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