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Taper the scorch this summer

Published Apr 16, 2018, 12:02 am IST
Updated Apr 16, 2018, 12:02 am IST
With the heat peaking, here are some expert tips to keep cool...
File picture used for representational purposes only.
 File picture used for representational purposes only.

According to the meteorological department, summer is yet to begin! Even though the city temperature oscillates between 35 to 19 degree. It will continue to do so with the months of March and April as the hottest. We have begun to feel the heat and discomfort of the sweltering heat. Instead of cribbing about it, city folk can prepare for it with these quick tips to beat the heat from experts in the city. 

Go for dark clothes to prevent radiation to pass through to the skin. 


Wear a hat with a wider brim. For people with sun tan, cucumber and tomato slices can be placed on the face to decrease burning sensation. 

Apply sunscreen of not more than 50 SPF, and about 1.5 ml needs to applied on the face, neck and ears. Sunscreen needs to be applied atleast 20 minutes before you step out. 

Keep a water spritzer. Make your own with water, mint and cucumber pieces. Store in a 100 ml spritzer and refrigerate. Every two to three hours spray on neck and face. It stops skin from dehydrating. 

Wear loose clothing to prevent fungal infections. 

An approved plant extract tablet called Sun Protect can be taken every morning to reduce tan and skin burn. 

— Dermatologist Dr Chytra Anand

Getting the right kind of nutrients keeps the body hydrated.

Have water every 15 minutes, not all at once. Smaller intake of water at equal intervals keeps the body hydrated.

Coconut water and lime juice with little sugar is the best electoral solution.

Fruits should be consumed whole. Have watermelon juice. Raw and ripe mango are also rich in Vitamin A and C, and should be included in a daily diet.

Avoid foods that are not easily digestible. 

— Nutritionist Dr Aruna Vijay 

Go for cool colours to feel cool.

Ensure you place green plants around the house. 

Try using both a curtain and blinds. The blinds can be kept sheer. Choose white and green colour for a soothing effect. 

Avoid use tube-light or white light as this tends to make you feel hotter. Try lantern lights or even candles to cool down the atmosphere. 

— Interior designer Soumitha Roy 

Drink water to keep hydrated, and supplements to keep energy levels in check while working out. 

While working out, stay hydrated with either lemonade or water. 

The intensity of the workout you do directly depends on the calorie intake, make sure the calorie intake is right.

During workout, people tend to have water which is good, but they should ensure that they are taking enough intra-workout supplements to keep energy levels high. 

—  Fitness expert Jaisson Jagadeeshwaran