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Quarantine and Chill

Published Mar 16, 2020, 1:58 pm IST
Updated Mar 16, 2020, 3:30 pm IST
Representational image (AFP)
 Representational image (AFP)

 Coronavirus is now an epidemic that has spread over several countries affecting a large number of people even causing deaths. But it has managed to do something that we humans would probably not which is sitting at home.

Since the virus spreads with coming in contact with affected people or enviornment, it is advisable to rather stay at home and self-quarantine than going out and possibly coming in contact with the virus.

This has come in a time where everyone has been too busy with their jobs, socialising and always rushing somewhere while absolutely paying no attention to one's health and self care.

So now since institutions and offices have begun to shut down and people are left with no choice but self-quarantine, everyone has been wondering about what next?

What do i do sitting at home? and its a fair question considering that we have been doing nothing other than rushing to work or school and college. But here's your chance!

Thanks to coronavirus you can now finally take a break and do things that you otherwise dint have time for.

1. Binge-watch (Literally Netflix and chill)
Go finish watching the movies that has been on your Netflix's 'My list' for too long now. You could even discover some old underrated movies that nobody told you about.

2. Dont have Netflix?
Well you could still go for Amazon Prime or the best of all Youtube. But after that, go pick up a book that's been lying in your room shelf for years. We all procrastinate reading books because in our view we always have something more important or interesting to do. But this is it, now you have all the time in the world so go for it pick up that book and read.

3. Enter your Kitchen
Cooking can be really therapeutic in times like these. Its a creative process that will not just make your mind work but also make your tummy happy. You have all day and night now to experiment with different cuisines and oh your mother is going to be super impressed when you don't order that food from outside and rather cook it yourself.

4.Spend some time with family
We have all been super busy running after our jobs, school, tuition or hanging out with friends that we hardly ever stay at home with family. But now since everyone has no choice but stay at home so why not make full use of it? You could just play games at home, cook together, watch a movie on television or just chit-chat all day. And if you got siblings then even better just make some chai and sit down to watch some movie that you have been planning to watch but never had the time to.

5. Self-care
This is something we have all been ignoring for the longest time. Make sure you utilize this time to take good care of yourself by having healthy home-cooked meals, getting enough sleep, pickup a hobby, and most importantly keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

6. Learn something new
Youtube is filled with tutorials and DIY videos of anything and everything in the world. watch them and try to learn a new thing which could be something as simple as applying a winged eyeliner or learning to draw doodles.

7. Diary entry
You could start writing down your experiences about the bizzare fact that you are self-quarantined. Few years down the lane you will enjoy reading it and think that if this could happen then anything is possible. Also writing down your experiences will help you in thinking better about how you feel and how you think in different situations.

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